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Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2018 2:36:11 PM
You can download an example eBook of some of my fine art photography if you want to have a look.
The two formats are here:
and here:

Enjoy Smile

Posted: Wednesday, January 02, 2019 4:01:40 PM
Nifty is moving....

The new Nifty Promo Control Panel is here:

Read more and find out about the new features here in the blog post about it:

Happy New Year!
Posted: Sunday, January 06, 2019 9:21:29 AM
It's always good to hear of successes with people using my tools.

Someone in the NiftyToolZ, Tips and Support Fb group reported over $100 in referral income from a referred customer today. Nice!

It came in via a Pin on Pinterest put there with the nIFTTTy Scheduler.
Posted: Sunday, January 06, 2019 11:21:06 AM
The Nifty widgets that pull live from Zazzle each time a page they're on is visited no longer work
Crying Crying Crying

They were the last tools for Zazzle still using YQL and I learned just now that Yahoo have withdrawn that service.

Important EOL Notice: As of Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019, the YQL service at will be retired. This will impact users of as well as developers who creates features using this YQL service.
To continue using our free Yahoo Weather APIs, use as your new API endpoint. Contact for credentials to onboard to this free Yahoo Weather API service. Other YQL based services that use will no longer operate.

I do have a different solution but it places the load on my server, rather than Yahoo's, so I'm reluctant to go this route.

Please reply if this affects you and we'll work out a way forward together. If you'd rather not discuss "in the open" here, I'll be opening a new thread in the NiftyToolZ, Tips and Support Fb group. If you're not already a member, just ask to join when you get there.

Sorry 'bout that
Posted: Sunday, January 13, 2019 2:36:09 PM
Just got this over on the NiftyToolz, Tips and Support fb group:

Just shy of 3 months using nIFTTTy on Pinterest, happy to say my first referral sales came in on Z at $24 for about 6 items of same design.

It's always good to get feedback like this Smile
Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 12:06:47 AM
I love Nifty! I've just received a referral worth £9.52, which means that I am well in profit from using it.

I use the Nifty Shared Scheduler for automated pinning to my Pinterest boards, and find it really easy to use. Each pin has my personal tracking code and date, so it's easy to see what pins have been successful - today's referral came from a pin made in October.

Thank you Mark!

Roses Roses Roses
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