Any ways to retrieve product prices from Zazzle for own website/promos?
Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 11:25:33 PM
Wondering if there is any way to retrieve prices and discounts from Zazzle products to display them on your own website?

I'm working on my own store where I offer extra customizing options to customers (what I can't do on Zazzle) and link to Zazzle via API. It would be helpful if there's a way to retrieve the actual product prices and discount/deal from Zazzle's site, without having to manage them manually.

Checked the docs and tested but didn't find a solution yet (if there is any at all).
Posted: Friday, January 25, 2019 9:13:42 AM
If you've got a way of picking apart an rss feed (in your code) you could do a feed request using a product id and get its price that way.
It would mean doing as many feed requests as you have products that you want to display prices for. Bear in mind that pulling one-by-one can be a bit slow if you have lots and lots to do.

Why one by one? It's because you have to allow for the fact that you can vary royalties by individual products. And that means you can't always use the price of one product as a 'master price' for all others of that product type/style.

As for discounts, Z don't provide a feed for that, so you'd need a way of 'scraping' the information from the Z site. Not recommended and some sites actually prevent stuff being scraped - Z may go or have already gone that route. So screen scraping, even if it works now, isn't a long term solution.

Anyone else?
Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2019 7:59:43 PM
Thanks for the input. In other words no solution. Not really interested in using slowing down requests for regular prices that can be stored in the database once and checked from time to time. The daily discounted prices are the issue. A link to the single product displaying the pic, the title and the actual discounted price in an iframe would be the perfect solution. An alternate viable option would be linking to a reference collection with all the products you offer, if the items were listed with the actual price instead of just the regular one, as actually done. Already suggested to display discounted prices in red and regular ones stroked in black in collections.
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