Accuracy of tile size measurements in patterns?
Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 8:38:27 AM
Trying to get a handle on just how accurate the tile size measurement is when you create a pattern. Basic math is telling me it's off when I make large items like leggings or fabric, but it seems fine (or close enough) on smaller items.

Example - 6"x6" trivet. I place an image, set it to pattern and the tile size measurements it gives me is 5.25x4.5. I can easily look at the size of the image on the trivet artboard and see that's roughly what one repeat is covering.

Same image, same pattern type - on leggings. Tile size measurement says the image is 8.5" high. The pattern is repeating just less than twice in the artboard and preview for the entire legging. About 1.5x from the crotch. Which would mean the model/legging has a roughly 14"-15" inseam. Impossible. (The model is 5'10". Should be more like 34". So the preview and artboard should be showing 4+ repeats of the pattern instead of two or the pattern tile measurement should be more like 22" tall.)

Different image, straight tiling - on a fat quarter of fabric. A 2" wide tile shows up six times across in the preview, which would be 12", but a fat quarter is 18" wide so there should be 9 repeats or the tile width should be listed as 3".

Having a difficult time figuring out the appropriate scale for the larger items as a result. Do I go by what the tile measurement says and assume the pattern will be smaller than what is shown on the artboard/preview or adjust based on what I actually see on the screen?
Posted: Tuesday, November 06, 2018 12:29:41 PM
I wish I could help Lewister but I've had the same problems. I've placed my logo on quite a few shirts using the gridlines to keep logo the same size. On the T-shirts I've receive the logo size varies greatly. When I call the company to try to figure out the size of the squares used in placing the image, they said they weren't standardized.
So, I tried to use what the logo looked like on the model's shirts. It didn't really work and what I received was logos that varied from 5'' to about 9" accross. I was shooting for something around 7". Occasionally things seem to go really crazy and I ended up with one image only 3" across.
Their saving grace seems to be they'll try again if you your not happy.
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