Why not all fleece blankets appearing in store search bar?
Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 5:18:23 AM
When I do a search for my fleece blankets why do they not all appear? Does this mean they are not appearing in the marketplace either? It would explain why I have not sold them for so long when I was selling them before?

Search this store

only 7 appear on the screen? (I have over 20 fleece blankets)

I do a search again same way only substitute blanket for fleece
a different assortment appear - again not all 20+

I am noticing some of the missing ones I have sold in the past, when I finally found them they are in the correct tree department? SO weird? (I have to go to the home decor search I cannot just type in the search bar)

PS It was extremely difficult to even find the rest of them, I finally after 25 minutes found them under department blankets on the left hand side but not sure is that available to customers to browse? When I did a search for just blankets they didn't appear. What am I doing wrong? If if this hard for me a customer will not find.

Thank you for your help I am using chrome windows professional 7

here is just a few for example

256161754252983251 these first 3 are color grouped together is that part if the issue?

Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 7:13:30 AM
Hi Ohhhhilovethat,

We're looking into this now, thanks for your patience! Smile
Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 8:11:18 PM
I often have trouble with the "search this store" search function. Just last night I was looking for all of my products that featured an apricot peach rose design. I put apricot peach rose in the search and only came up with 2 mugs. Have a good 20-30 products with that design and variations of it, but none of the others would come up.

ETA: I just now tried that same search again and came up with 5 pages. Go figure! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
Posted: Wednesday, October 09, 2019 5:26:16 AM
I was just wondering if there was any results in my question? I am noticing with the sale of fleece right now when I do a search for fleece in my products now nothing appears?

So does this mean if I am not appearing under the fleece search to the public? Just curious if I cannot find it under my own search bar is it the same in the reverse to the public?

Thank you I know you are all busy with other things.

I am on my chrome browser still using windows 7 professional and all updates done just a couple days ago as well as cookies cleaned
Posted: Wednesday, October 09, 2019 6:33:44 AM
Hi Ohhhhilovethat, I am very sorry for the delay in resolving this for you. I am unable to replicate the issue, I can see most of your products when I attempt this search. Can you provide a link to the searches you are attempting and maybe a screenshot so we can better understand the issue? Thanks again Smile
Posted: Monday, October 14, 2019 4:17:12 AM
Thank you Padie
I am not sure what I would take a snapshot of? I just can not find them in my store?

WHen I do a search in my search this store search bar under products tab

sorry no products found

fleece blankets

sorry no products found

It is just so odd I was finding some but not all under the search - I checked those to make sure they were in the correct tree and now lol everything is missing in my search bar.
Typically when I do a quick search to find my stuff I can locate them right away doing it this way. For whatever reason the fleece blankets now are not appearing.

I was just curious if they really are appearing in the public search because I was selling them and now I am not? Just curious maybe it is coincidence but if I cant find them in my store under management how are they visible for public?

Here is one I sold 11 times? 256161754252983251
I would think this would at least appear somewhere in the public search but I could not find it at all. So confusing to me.
Thanks so much
Posted: Monday, October 14, 2019 9:29:47 AM
Yes, I see now. I am passing this on so we will look into this further now. Sorry for the delay but we do appreciate the patience! Smile
Posted: Saturday, November 02, 2019 8:18:28 AM
HI Padie
wondering if you are able to fix this yet? I dont understand why if I type fleece everyone blankets appear with no issue and mine which use to all of a sudden do not? I have sold close to a dozen?

I finally added fleece back to the title to one of them and in my products page when I do a search and type fleece it is the only one that now appears in my maintenance page. This should not be happening. They ALL should be appearing if I do a search for fleece regardless if I have the word fleece in the title or not? (just to recap all my fleece blankets which I have updated in the tree and corrected titles because the word fleece blanket was automatically being added now are not appearing when I do a search for them- when I look in the marketplace I can not find them there either.)

THank you I do not want this do go on all fall and winter this is the season to be selling these?

Posted: Sunday, November 03, 2019 7:08:59 PM
I had this problem with poufs today. I've got tons of poufs and did a search and only about 4 showed up. Made sure I was in "all products" instead of a category (another tedious business that could use some work). Ended up having to go through the whole dang store and check products individually to add to a collection. This kind of stuff is very annoying, Zazzle.
Posted: Monday, November 04, 2019 4:56:51 AM
That is just the point Margaret under all products none of my "fleece" blankets appear in fact if I type "blankets" nothing or fleece blankets still no

The only way I could find them was to go to my collections and look for them where I could remember where I placed them or to go to the department category in my store - I should not have to be doing any of this?

If I type in the search bar above fleece everyone else's blankets appear? I just do not get it I always came up and like I said you guys even selected one of these as a editors pick, lol I do not think if I can find them then anyone else will how on earth can I sell them?

Trying not to whine but I have asked about this awhile ago and still waiting to hear back. Should I just add back the word fleece to the title? Because when I do it to the one it is the only one that appears in my store search bar - But I cannot find in a public search.

256161754252983251 appears because I added back fleece to the title
256020092540619982 one of many that does not because I removed fleece out of the title because you have fleece blanket added auto in the title and updated to the product tree
Posted: Monday, November 04, 2019 7:35:29 AM
Hi Ohhhhilovethat, I am sorry for the delay here. I am bumping this inquiry. We are still investigating the issue at the moment. Thank you Smile
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