Two Issues with Christmas Stockings
Posted: Saturday, November 02, 2019 7:39:20 PM
Christmas Stocking PID #256492939398464663

First Issue: Screenshot: Stocking_Tiling.png
I used the same image on front and back and both are mirror tiled at same size - 14.75w x 11.66h. On the back, tiling is as expected, expanding across the entire design tool area. But on the front, the tiling stops short of the right side of the screen leaving part of the toe blank so you just see the background color. It's very obvious in the design tool (though I still managed to miss it somehow until reviewing it after publishing) but not so obvious in the preview pics from the product page. I don't know why the tiling is not going all the way across on the front. With this particular design the white it leaves on the toe looks like part of the stripes (probably why I missed it initially) but I want to make more stocking so want to figure this out before proceeding and not sure if this is a weird glitch or something screwy I did.

Second Issue: Screenshot: Stocking_Squiggles.png
On the preview images on the product page, the two for the back show the pattern distorting starting about where the toe begins. The stripes looks squiggly but on closer-up view, the pattern actually looks choppy/broken-up which makes it looks squiggly from farther out. The front views are fine. Again, not sure if this is a tech glitch or something screwy I caused to happen.
Posted: Sunday, November 03, 2019 8:54:04 AM
OK. I had used the Crop tool to take a tiny bit off the right side of my image so that the red stripe on that edge was not as wide after being tiled together. But I only did that on the front as I had flipped the image around for the back so the red stripe wasn't a problem on that side. So it seems tiling a cropped image caused the first issue.

I don't know what caused the distortion in the preview images of the back though as that image was not cropped, just tiled and I made three more stockings this morning using the same image (also tiled) and the design is not distorted in the previews on those.
Stocking PID #256339253487739295
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