Products show sold with quantity but missing from royalty page
Posted: Friday, February 08, 2019 6:37:52 AM
This is not the first or second time but the third time this has happened now?

I have called about it for them to say gee never saw this before we will look into that and get back to you and never hear from them again

The second time I posted my concern about it here and it just got rolled over and never got help here.

I am really hoping this time someone can just answer what is going on because I do think that this is a issue.

I keep a running tally of the credits and check against it every morning and also I am missing 2 sales from that running tally from England..... it should not take now 2 days for those sales to be added into the count. I have checked and checked there is no sales cancelled and if there is something returned say from xmass this is WHY we need to have dates given to us to see when things are returned! 2 sales off to me is a lot and I like to keep things accurate computers make mistakes just like people do!

I have a sale being posted on my last sales page I do not know why It shows I made a sale yesterday and 25 sold? There is nothing to show this in my earnings side???
Statically I do not like showing that I sold things that I really did not earn!

As for those 2 sales to Charlotte in United Kingdom if I back these out of my balance totals I balance to your totals almost to the penny..... and the credits go back to the number you have. I really think it is all wrapped together. Did she cancel these? ANd because of location it is taking forever to post or is there a issue with this entire order?


Help Please!
Thank you!!!

Posted: Friday, February 08, 2019 8:07:31 AM
If I'm honest I'm totally confused by this post. So are you essentially saying the sales you made are not showing in your royalty history? How do you know for a fact they were placed? Or is this a quantity issue? Sorry if I'm missing something here. Thanks!
Posted: Friday, February 08, 2019 8:58:03 AM
lol sorry I didn't mean to confuse you!

On my last sold page it says I sold an item yesterday 25 quantity of that item but I DO not have anything to verify that on my royalty page. This has happened to me more than once now 3 times in fact. The statistics never get reverted on these items that supposedly sold? To me it seems odd that I am selling items that I never really sold?

WHY does this keep happening?

Second question - I keep a running tally of my sale credits and $ amount. Everyday I check it. (this is how I update the growing tree links)

Keeping it totally separate from the wonkiness of that missing sale I am missing 2 sales? I sold 9 items with one return yesterday it recorded 7 sales with 1 return. 2 of those items were from England! Hence my question is this part of the issue? Were these items from England purchased and returned all in the same day and somehow are not being recorded as such?

For the life of me I cannot find these 2 additional canceled items they are no where to be found. AND because you do not give us designers any information but credits that go up and down we have to pick through the pink and try and figure it out? I think unfair to say if these items were once blue and now all of a sudden pink they would never be found. I just do not understand why when someone cancels an old sale we cannot be sent a date of purchase so we can find it?

But I digress - I am trying to understand if these 2 England purchase items and I already gave you the listing numbers are part of the reason why I am not balancing out? IF I take out these sales I balance almost to the penny to your $ sales number as well balance to your credit number?

Thank You James
Posted: Monday, February 11, 2019 7:17:53 AM
Not at all, i think i was having a Friday moment maybe.Laughing I appreciate you explaining more. I'm going to send you a private email now and we can discuss further. Roses
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