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Posted: Tuesday, November 05, 2019 3:53:11 PM
I am missing several dozen images in the backend of the design tool. Also, I am missing several album groups. Entire albums are now empty. I have not been creating new products for a while because I have been unhiding products constantly to keep up with products falling out of the marketplace. I come back to create new products for the xmas season and find that a majority of my images and albums are now missing from my image collection. where are my images? my products are still linked to my images but they no longer exist in the backend of my store.

REF: https://forum.zazzle.com/technical/cant_access_images
REF: https://forum.zazzle.com/technical/missing_images_from_my_account
REF: https://forum.zazzle.com/technical/missing_pictures_jul_29_2019
Same problem as the threads above. Sorry, I did not see this thread before posting this.

I have images grouped in the albums by size/types. several images are saved in multiple sizes for placement on multiple size/shaped items. some of the missing images are 5k.px x 5k.px. with the 3k.px x 5k.px image of the same design available. several of the images that are in the round format 5k.px x 5kpx for the same images are missing also. All images are copyright to myself.

Checking records and backup files. So far missing almost all of my image files. This will take a while to compile a list of missing files it's in the 100s of images. handfull of old images from back in 2012 have survived and a few new ones recently and everything in-between is missing. images are still attached to products but no longer are visible in the back. where are my files?

11/7/2019 9:33a edt: so far it looks like almost all of my active files that are used on products are missing from my album (in my images section) all 3 categories: "All Images (578), Recent Images (578), My Albums (38)" under my albums subsection is where it lists my album titles with the quantity of images in each album. >these numbers are incorrect in almost every category. several are showing as 0, when in fact, they should be showing the correct quantity of image files in that category. which are not showing up in my listings<

11/7/2019 11:48a edt: went through all main image files and several supplemental image files that I remember using in almost every image for text boxes and fades and the like. looks like I am missing 7 years of images from 2012-2019. counted: 161 missing image files so far.

Missing image files so farSadimage name) [filenames]
2(Twisted Checkers) [zigzagcheck.png,zigzagcheck-r.png]
2(Earth Vibes) [earthcircles.png,earthcircles2.png]
2(Biohazard Design) [biohazardbinder.png,biohazardnotebook.png]
2(Bubbles) [bubbles.png,bubbles-r.png]
1(Chess Pad)[chessboard.png]
1(Bright Interference)[interference.png]
1(Moldy Interference) [interference1-mossy.png]
2(Crystallized) [crystalized.png, crystalized-r.png]
2(Torched) [flame.png,flame-r.png]
-(Glaciem et Ignis) []
2(Modern Checkered Plasma) [clockface-r.png,clockface.png]
1(Portal to the Sun) [sun-portal.png]
1(Digital Flower) [flower.png]
2(Art Deco 'Fractured)[fracture-large-r.png, fracture-large.png]
2(Folded Dimensions)[invertedplane2-r.png, invertedplane2.png]
1(Checkered Illusion)[gridcheckers.png]
1(Checkered Twist)[checkerspin.png]
1(Rippled Checkers)[ripplecheckers-o.png <-listed as this on my image link{d0016207-97f4-4615-bf02-065b5ac42f41}]
1(Psycho Checkers) [checkcheckers.png]
1(Checkered Lattice Fence)[checkersdoughnut.png]
1(Checkered Wheels)[checkerfloat.png]
1(Moire Checkers)[checkerinterference.png]
1(Checkered Moire) [checkerscreen.png]
1(Mini Stone Tiles) [stones.png]
1(White Mesh Moire) [innershadow.png]
1(Black Mesh White Balls Moire) [outershadow.png]
-(Black & White Cube Life)[NA]
1(Knot Another) [knot.png]
1(Pine Needles) [pine-needles.png]
1(B/W Balance) [balance.png<-listed as this on my image link{b64d2a6e-4e12-4797-9193-57026bf2b2ee}]
1(Endless Pinwheel) [pinwheel1.png]
1(Sad Carrot) [carrot.png]
1(Cupcake) [cupcake.png]
1(Surprised Eggplant) [eggplant.png]
1(Angry Turnip) [turnip2.png]
1(Bite the Angry Turnip) [turnip3.png]
1(Angry Watermelon) [watermellon.png]
-(Ireland Shamrock Spin) []
-(Ireland Stripes) []
-(Ireland Shamrock Stripes) []
-(Ireland Shamrock Stamp) []
1(Green & Yellow Checkered Tubes) [teal-turquoise-lr.png]
1(Faded Circle Grid) [4stor.png]
1(Solid Circle Cross) [bw4-circle.png]
1(Circle of Nine) [9.png]
1(Four Star Circle) [4-star.png]
1(Solid Four Star Circle Cross) [4stor-d.png]
1(Negative Gamepad) [gamepad.png]
1(Aqua Mist) [aquamist.png]
1(Yellow Spirals) [yellowspiral.png]
1(Digital Sunrise) [sunrise.png]
1(Digital Sunset) [sunset.png]
1(Digital Checker Yin Yang) [bw-yy-spiral.png]
1(Spiral Cone) [bwconespiral.png]
1(Red Yellow Blue Spiral) [trispiral.png]
1(Red & Blue Spiral) [rb-check-spiral.png]
1(Rainbow Spiral) [rainbowswirl.png]
1(Double Yin Yang Spiral) [bwdoublehelix.png]
1(Black & White Radiation) [bw-check-spiral.png]
1(Red & Blue Counter Spiral) [rbspiral.png]
1(Heart Flowers) [heartspin.png]
2(Illusion of the Hearts) [fieldofhearts-r.png, fieldofhearts.png]
1(Blue Spiral Illusion) [plate.png]
1(Spiral Shark) [spiralshark.png]
1(Red White Blue Spiral) [rwb-spirals.png]
1(Red White Blue Checker Spiral) [full-rwb.png]
1(Counter Spirals) [counter-spiral.png]
3(Emerald Green Ribbon) [emerald-green-bn.png, emerald-green-cl.png,emerald-green.png]
3(Blue Ribbon) [blue-bn.png, blue-cl.png, blue.png]
3(Pink Ribbon) [pink-bn.png, pink-cl.png, pink.png]
3(Yellow Ribbon) [yellow-bn.png, yellow-cl.png, yellow.png]
3(Green Ribbon) [green-bn.png, green-cl.png, green.png]
3(Orange Ribbon) [orange-bn.png, orange-cl.png, orange.png]
3(Light Blue / Teal Ribbon) [light-blue-bn.png, light-blue-cl.png, light-blue.png]
3(Black Ribbon) [black-bn.png, black-cl.png, black.png]
3(White Ribbon) [white-bn.png, white-cl.png, white.png]
3(Red Ribbon) [red-bn.png, red-cl.png, red.png]
3(Purple Ribbon) [purple-bn.png, purple-cl.png, purple.png]
3(Burgundy Ribbon) [burgundy-bn.png, burgundy-cl.png, burgundy.png]
3(Gray Ribbon) [grey-bn.png, grey-cl.png, grey.png]
3(Brown Ribbon) [brown-bn.png, brown-cl.png, brown.png]
3(Lime Green Ribbon) [lime-green-bn.png, lime-green-cl.png, lime-green.png]
[>other still unused ribbons are still in the album but not any of the active ribbon image files.<]
-(Centesimal 2015) [RETIRED]
-(Centesimal 2016) [RETIRED]
-(Centesimal 2017) [RETIRED]
-(Centesimal 2018) [RETIRED]
1(Centesimal 1776) [1776.png]
1(Centesimal Number Chart Small to Large) [centesimal-chart2.png]
1(Centesimal Number Chart Large to Small) [centesimal-chart.png]
1(Centesimal 10 Digit Pi)[pie-10c.png]
1(Centesimal 10 Digit 'That 3x3x3 Puzzle') [rubik-combinations.png]
1(Centesimal 12 Digit Fibonacci Sequence) [fibonacci-seq.png]
1(Fibonacci 'Fish') [fibonacci-bf.png]
1(Fibonacci 'Fish Black') [fibonacci-bfbl.png]
1(Fibonacci 'Fish Checker') [fibonacci-bfch.png]
1(Fibonacci 'Fish Checker Black') [fibobacci-bfchbl.png]
2(Aries Zodiac Symbol) [aries-plain.png, aries-fire.png]
2(Taurus Zodiac Symbol) [taurus-plain.png, taurus-earth.png]
2(Gemini Zodiac Symbol) [gemini-plain.png, gemini-air.png]
2(Cancer Zodiac Symbol) [cancer-plain.png, cancer-water.png]
2(Leo Zodiac Symbol) [leo-plain.png, leo-fire.png]
2(Virgo Zodiac Symbol) [virgo-plain.png, virgo-earth.png]
2(Libra Zodiac Symbol) [libra-plain.png,libra-air.png]
2(Scorpio Zodiac Symbol) [scorpio-plain.png, scorpio-water.png]
2(Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol) [sagittarius-plain.png,sagittarius-fire.png]
2(Capricorn Zodiac Symbol) [capricorn-plain.png,capricorn-earth.png]
2(Aquarius Zodiac Symbol) [aquarius-plain.png, aquarius-air.png]
2(Pisces Zodiac Symbol) [pisces-plain.png, pisceswater.png]
1(Leaves) [center-leaves.png]
1(Leaf Vine Border) [bottom-leaves.png]
1(Layer of Leaves) [layer-leaves.png]
1(Circle of Leaves) [circle-leaves.png]
1(Double Leaf Circle) [2x-circle-leaves.png]
1(Concentric Leaf Rings) [concentric-leaves.png]
1(Blue Butterfly Pattern) [b-butterflies.png]
1(Broken Cube) [broken-cube.png]
1(Broken Cube w/ Shadow) [broken-cube-s.png]
1(Text Box) [name-border-8000x2500.png]

~Clock Image Pieces~ (all watch face parts appear to be intact)
-(Watch Blank Standard numbers) []
-(Watch Blank Roman Numerals) []
-(Watch Blank Chinese/Japanese Numbers) []
-(Watch Blank Korean Numbers []
-(Watch Blank Binary Digits) []
-(Watch Blank Mayan Numbers) []
-(Watch Blank inner/outer seconds marks) []
-(Watch Blank inner/outer border rings) []

Posted: Wednesday, November 06, 2019 2:06:23 AM
Hi Kenneth, I am sorry to hear this, we are looking into it now! Smile
Posted: Thursday, November 07, 2019 9:01:22 AM
thanks. updated original posting with additional filenames of missing files. the count is 161 as of 11/7/2019 12pm edt. (missing image files from 2012-2019)in the album.)
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