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Posted: Friday, September 08, 2017 1:55:01 PM
The Technical Forum is run a little bit differently than the rest of the discussion forums here, and we hope that you’ll find the information below useful as you wonder why a discussion thread in the Technical forum was locked.

Hi, I’m Scott. I’m part of the Software Quality Assurance team here at Zazzle, which is part of the Engineering department. I’m quite busy on a daily basis, but I do my best to check the forums as often as time allows in order to provide assistance to you guys, and to send bugs over to our engineering team.

Not too long ago, we created this Technical forum as a place for you guys to report bugs. We don’t currently have any sort of bug reporting system set up for you guys, so for now this will have to suffice. The trouble is that this is a discussion forum, and we’ve found that some discussions have impeded on our ability to quickly gather information about a bug. So, since we don’t have the luxury of perusing the forum all day, we’re moderating this forum a little bit differently than the rest so that we can get the most out of our time.

Here’s a rough idea of what to expect:
- You’ll create a new discussion thread and describe the issue that you’re seeing.
- I’ll read the bug report and investigate the issue, or Christine or Finbarr will email it over to my team.
- We may ask for additional information if we’re unable to reproduce the issue.
- Once we’re able to reproduce the issue it’ll be sent over to our engineering team, and the thread will be locked and stickied to the top of the forum.

Please do not be sad that your thread was locked. This isn’t a bad thing at all. Recently, we’ve found this to be the best way for us to track issues, and it allows for many of the known issues to be easily visible to others, too. When we have more information about the bug, we’ll unlock the thread and add our update.
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