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Posted: Sunday, July 7, 2019 10:00:37 AM


A frozen moment of sudden danger,
but who needs to hide;
us, or him?

This tiger illustration took seven months to draw,
carefully placing 3,565 individual cells,
twisting each one into a dynamic relationship
with its surrounding.

See how he was made at


A black and white illustration of a jeans-wearing,
topless, well-defined, muscular man
performing a left-handed bicep curl
with a heavy dumbbell.

He is cast into deep shadows, with bright highlights
drawn in white on a black background.

He represents the persistent, single-minded focus
and determination required to achieve our goals,
the motivation, discipline and hard work
that drives us towards success.


The atoms that form the process of life
were in other forms
before they became skin and bone,
and will be in more forms after life,
like fluctuations in the quantum foam,
where mind meets matter.

Life creates organic functions
from what already exists,
and returns it with every breath.

We are processes, not things.

From primal-to-primate,
we are dust-to-dust.

This mosaic is made of 4,952 individually placed cells,
twisted into dynamic relationships with its neighbour,
by positioning and adjusting 19,852 points by hand.

Posted: Sunday, July 7, 2019 10:11:30 PM
Posted: Monday, July 8, 2019 3:24:52 AM


A white dove being released from her spiralling situation
where life has become like ever-decreasing circles,
into the blue sky of an unwritten world
where she can be free to choose again.

She represents the release from all that holds us back
from our true selves, and brings us closer to the
purity and peace of the uninfluenced spirit.

This illustration was created cell by cell and took 25 months
to complete, carefully twisting each individual cell into
dynamic relationships with the surrounding cells.


A Catholic nun caught in a moment of serenity in the darkness,
as a ray of light suddenly illuminates her face and praying hands,
which are holding a crucifix on a beaded rosary.

The simplicity of temperance, silence and peace.

She represents harmony,
being centred,
finding the middle course.

This illustration is about compromise,
not taking an extreme position,
finding balance by taking
the path of least resistance.

Smoking Detective

This mysterious detective waits in the shadows,
contemplating his next move and the gangster he’s hunting,
considering the evening’s speakeasy,
as the smoke from his cigarette
rises and curls into the air.


Posted: Monday, July 8, 2019 6:25:54 AM
"The Chaos of War"

Original Version:

For those unfamiliar: With few exceptions, my work is entirely digital. The story of this particular work is fairly typical of my efforts, in which I'll be studying some technique or effect, and follow wherever it leads.

It began with learning how to manipulate a brush tool, and with studying hues from violet to cyanic blues. Bored with that, I picked up the smudge tool and started creating long strokes between the four corner entities, then extending tendrils off from them. I decided the end result resembled a chaotic battle, hence the formal title provided at the top of this post.

Also typical of my work method is to see where else I can take a work by hitting it with different filters and effects. This latter part of the process sometimes takes longer than creating the original work, and involves saving off multiple variations for later evaluation - very few of which make it to publication. There are other versions of this work available in my store, but the Neon Modification shown above is my favorite of the lot.
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