Topic: What would you type in the search bar if you were looking for a baby pacifier?
Karen Coffelt Posted: Saturday, May 25, 2019 10:19:15 PM
PacifierCity wrote:
I did use "adorable wildlife" as the last tag. The incorporated some of shellis suggestions too. The final tags read:


Lets see how it goes...

Thanks to all for the help. I have developed a list of 10 common words for pacifiers that I am now tagging with. I have the | Cute Baby Pacifier at the end of the title. I plan to continue that, or | Funny Baby Pacifier, etc. Hoping that will be SEO friendly. And I am going through descriptions now to. THis only said "Tiger Pacifier" Guess I was in a rush that day.

Now it reads "A cute orange and black stripped cartoon jungle cat graces the face of this white pacifier. It's a tiger, although some may see a tabby cat. Either way, is cute and adorable and will bring a smile to your little ones face and stop their roar.

#pacifier #pacifiercity #soother #zazzlemade #tiger

| cute baby pacifiers | pacifier city | baby shower gifts | new moms "

Overall a vast improvement. Now to see if that improvement pays off!!

Thanks again all.


Just wanted to point out that striped should have one p, not two.
Topic: Thank You Zazzle
Karen Coffelt Posted: Saturday, May 25, 2019 9:56:44 PM
I love the new design tool! Came out at the wrong time last year when people were trying to get ready for the Christmas buying season, and so many became confused and discombobulated over it. The timing could have been better, but I'm very happy with it.
Topic: Tags Questions
Karen Coffelt Posted: Saturday, May 25, 2019 9:51:51 PM
So after reading this whole thread, now I'm confused. When I make a design that I put on a bunch of different products, I basically have used the same title for each product with the same design.

When it comes to the description I put the product type in there to make a slight change and have always felt that would be enough to make it slightly different. I don't put the product type in the titles or tags, though, just in the description.

When it comes to tags, it's my understanding from Zazzle that the words used in tag phrases do not have to be repeated as single words. If I have a tag phrase that reads "state of Arizona map outline", then each of those words can be searched singly or in any combination. If I put the word rose in the tags, then the plural of roses should also pick it up and does not need to be added to the tags, as well. I'm hoping I'm understanding this correctly.
Topic: Tags Questions
Karen Coffelt Posted: Saturday, May 25, 2019 9:01:31 PM
PaperGrape wrote:
Shelli Fitzpatrick wrote:

Let me give an example of what I meant from one of my most recent published products...

I am open to critique or helpful suggestions.

This is just an example of how I have been doing my titles descriptions and tags recently trying to find the way that works.

This product...

with this description...

An original lion wildlife pop art piece made with my signature app stacking technique where I keep piling on the layers until it looks done. This stately looking fellow knows he is king of beasts of the big cats and yet still looks like a big sweet colorful kitty cat.

and these tags...

african lion,big cat,king of beasts,colorful pop art style,sweet kitty face,animal theme,strong feline,wildlife portrait,beautiful creatures,unique decorative artwork

Shelli, I LOVE this lion! It's beautiful!
I think the title and tags are good, but the description (which Pinterest seems to suck up as a comment/pin description) may need a little more to help someone doing a general search for wall art, find it. Online I think people (I tend to anyway) search for art by theme/color/style - more than by exactly how it was made and the artist story. Style/color first - then I'm curious about the artist/what/how it's made.

I just noticed on the link above that Zazzle suggests several sentences (I need to work on that on mine!) so maybe keep what you have and add a sentence before it that describes exactly the colors, subject matter, general art style, and a few other thematic keywords?

For example - I wouldn't do a search for wall art and type in "app stacking - piling on - fellow.

If I was looking for something like this for my walls, I'd probably type in things like
"creative wildlife art" "colorful animal art" "abstract zoo animal" "yellow and red" maybe "African safari"-
Maybe "kid's or teen room art" would get some hits too, just as a general search topic because it's colorful and that hits another target market.

There are probably other art-style related words that I am not familiar with. If you didn't already - try google, pinterest, and Zazzle MP searches aiming to find other designer's art with a similar look and see what -very basic- terms keep coming - include those words in your description to help theoretically get "grouped" along with them - which is how it can get found once it's been set free via social media, etc. "Modern" "Geometric" may be a little stretch but I could see someone liking the recent geometric art trend also enjoying this.

I hope you sell tons! Love

I like your advice on this, Paper Grape. I hadn't thought about all those things before. I may have to do some tweaking on my descriptions.
Topic: Tags Questions
Karen Coffelt Posted: Saturday, May 25, 2019 8:56:00 PM
Shelli, I think your title, description, and tags for your lion pop art portrait are perfect!