Topic: Friendly Reminder: Badge Design
Zazzler Posted: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 3:25:27 PM
Hi Designers,

Please keep badges with template text generic without using specific names of the organizations. Instead of a hospital or clinic name, the badge should have stand-in text to represent its function.


WHY? ID badges provide material that will act as an official form of identification so Zazzle is responsible for verifying proof of permission to these organizations before it's added to the marketplace. By adding exact organization names, your designs will be rejected or take much longer to get approved.

Idea Thank you!
Topic: New PREMIUM Masks are Launched to the Marketplace!
Zazzler Posted: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 3:55:28 PM
Hi Designers,

I'm pleased to announce our latest product- Premium Masks!!

We’ve heard the Community feedback and Zazzle has been working hard to ensure we bring the highest quality masks to the Zazzle Marketplace. Check out the new premium masks below!

Details for the best face masks available on Zazzle:
- Our newest masks not only feature two comfortable layers of fabric
- Adjustable elastic ear loops
- Sewn in nose wires (which, if you wear glasses you know are great at keeping them from fogging up!)
- A slot to insert our PM 2.5 filter accessories
- They are also stylish and form-fitting.
- Available in both Kids and Adult sizes!

Love Happy Designing!
Topic: Design Tool - Settings Update - Zoom Widget
Zazzler Posted: Friday, January 22, 2021 2:31:24 PM
Hi Designers!!

Idea We took your suggestions from the below thread and made some positive changes for you!

When in the Design Tool, you often see a Blue Zoom Widget at the bottom of your design to utilize when editing for fine adjustments. If this is obstructing your view or messing with you creative energy, now you can move it out the way!!

1. Head to "Settings" in the upper left corner of the Design Tool.
2. Click "Hide Zoom Tool"
3. Free view to your beautiful designs! Love
Topic: Update to Content Policy - Violence has no value here.
Zazzler Posted: Monday, January 11, 2021 4:44:07 PM
Hi Designers,

This past week the world witnessed the crossing of the line- where democratic freedom of expression transgressed into a call for violence and mayhem. At Zazzle, our belief in creative expression is equally supported by values of integrity and heart. We do not tolerate or accept hate. Zazzle cannot allow for content that is patently harmful and inaccurate to exist on our site. As a result we have made the decision to take down all current and future messaging and designs brought to our attention that suggests or implies that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged or stolen, or riddled with voter fraud.

As an open marketplace, we firmly believe in freedom of expression. We embrace our members’ creativity and their enthusiasm for their passions, but we choose not to display content that perpetuates false information and/or may incite violence. As a private company, we can and we will continuously work on the Integrity of the marketplace and how to use our technology resources and human capital to ensure a marketplace that is free from violence, hate and misinformation.
If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please reach out via We value and appreciate feedback from our Independent Designers.

Thank you for your continued efforts

Love Zazzle Team
Topic: Sublimated Patches - New Product Released 17.12.2020
Zazzler Posted: Thursday, December 17, 2020 3:02:19 PM
Happy to announce that Sublimated patches have been released on the marketplace. Our team has been working hard to create a variety of options for this item.

We are delighted to share that there are dozens of shapes and sizes, from traditional shapes like circle, square and triangle, to more modern shapes like heart, shield, and thought bubble.

Additionally, we are offering 12 different border stitching colors options, as well as no border stitching at all.

When purchasing, the customer will be able to select from three different backings: Iron-On, Adhesive, or Velcro.

Check it out on the Marketplace since the variety is so large!

Keywords based on our research into popular design themes and use cases for Patches:

Popular Themes: Military, motorcycle, skate style, music fans, sports fans, flags, vintage, skulls, adventure, camping, food, pizza, rainbow, taco, and anime.

Popular Use Cases: jeans, jackets hats, letterman jackets, backpackers, vests, coats, denim jackets, leather jackets.

Happy Designing!