Topic: ISO St. Patrick's items to promote
alanharman Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 9:04:01 AM
Thanks for asking.. I've got too many to post so here is the link to the Irish section of my store. I think most of it shows up...

Topic: withholding tax statement
alanharman Posted: Saturday, December 15, 2018 8:07:54 AM
You should email the w8ben team about this because if your form was approved then Zazzle will refund any over withheld taxes to correct the error.

If you are interested, we have a group set up on facebook, "International Zazzlers United" that was set up to help people with just such w8ben form issues as we are bound to have someone from your country who can either advise you or has had the same problem and can explain in your own language.
Topic: Design tool Feedback
alanharman Posted: Monday, October 22, 2018 12:13:57 AM
Yet again Zazzle, you bring in fancy new toys right at the time that people are trying to get sorted for the busiest time of the year and just like in the past this new design tool requires more scrolling and clicks to achieve the same result. And all of this when the views sorting tool has still not been fixed after over a year!

Some detailed feedback now..

When trying to change the text font size from say 20 to 15 the tool will not allow less than 4 even when I press 1 on my keyboard it enters 4 so I have to type 2015 then delete the 20.

When I tried to move the preview screen the tool kicked me out of the design view and I had to start all over again.

There's probably more but I'm now so annoyed with all this extra clicking and scrolling when I had hoped to get some work done today that I'm going to just walk away before I say something I shouldn't!
Topic: Zrank -1 and error loading pages
alanharman Posted: Tuesday, October 02, 2018 8:37:26 AM
Same here! -1 on all stores.. Though with the views indexing problem still ongoing my sales and views are pretty much at zero for the last few months so this zrank thing can't make it any worse!

Not getting any errors though..
Topic: Email notifications
alanharman Posted: Tuesday, August 14, 2018 8:11:20 AM
I'm the same. Haven't had a notification email for nearly 3 years now. I just got fed up chasing it.
I have all except the sold item notification turned off but while thankfully I'm still making a few sales I've not had a single email.