Topic: Zazzle Chat: What to Remember When Creating Templated Products
Jon Posted: Monday, April 29, 2019 2:45:38 PM
Hey Designers!

In this Zazzle Chat, Monica and Alex discuss why creating correct templates are essential to conversions and the customer experience. Some of you will be surprised to learn you've been doing it all wrong.

You can watch it here!

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Topic: Updated Bulk Edit Functionality
Jon Posted: Monday, April 15, 2019 12:15:24 PM
Hi Designers!

We recently re-launched a new and improved bulk edit process. We are excited to bring you this improved, time-saving feature.

Now you can edit a Department using the bulk edit tool even if they are different product types.

We suggest using caution with this tool because, as was said to Peter Parker in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

• Since we allow you to bulk edit multiple product types at one time, we modified the department selector so that it only shows suggested departments that are common to the entire set of product types selected.

o As an example, if you choose an invitation, as well as a folded_invitation, they will have many overlapping departments that you can place them into.

o If, however, you selected an invitation and a pet bowl, they will not have a lot of overlapping departments. In this case, you would use the “Browse All Departments” link which will allow you to place the products in their appropriate departments.

• Be forewarned, if you put products into departments where they may not belong, then it will be much harder for shoppers to find them.

We are planning on continuing to improve the bulk edit department selection process, so expect a few tweaks in the future.

If you have used the bulk edit feature in the past, you may be familiar with these points but we wanted to provide a friendly reminder to those who may be new to bulk edit.
• Changing the title of one product will change all of the titles, but we will append the default product description at the end of each product.
• Some of the changes you make will show up right away like titles and descriptions.
• Some changes will take time, like the royalty percentage being updated.
• The change will apply to every product you have selected.
• Double check before saving the changes as there is no undo button.

Enjoy using bulk edit to manage your products in your stores. We recommend starting small with a limited set of products until you get familiar with it.

Happy designing!
Z Team
Topic: Zazzle Chat: Design Tips You've Probably Forgotten
Jon Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 4:56:37 PM
Hey Designers!

In the latest Zazzle Chat Monica and James discuss some observations and trends that are absolutely essential in getting your products seen!

Watch it here