Topic: Affiliate Links Not Transferring to Pinterest Board Anymore
Joco Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2019 7:21:23 AM
Thanks all for the info.
Topic: Affiliate Links Not Transferring to Pinterest Board Anymore
Joco Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 1:15:01 PM
I generally post my all of products to a pinterest board and have always seen my affiliate link on the pin. I could then click on the pin which directed me to Zazzle and my product with my affiliate link attached to the url in my browser. As of today, I can no longer do that. There is no affiliate link in the "pin" box and although it directs back to Zazzle there is no affiliate link in the browser as well, and not only that- all 700 of my products on pinterest no long contain my affiliate link. Is this happening anyone else? I tried, as someone suggested, to hover over the pin and I would see the link with my affiliate ID and yes, I have done that in the past, but they are no longer there.
Topic: Has anyone ever earned a referral from Pinterest?
Joco Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 12:52:59 PM
I have earned about 5 or six and most were my own from pinning my own products to my board. Someone clicked on it and bought it from my board. Once another person pins to their board, it no longer contains your affiliate link. However, and this is how I found your thread, the last couple of days when I pin my items to the board, my affiliate link is no longer there. In the past, I could click on a particular pin and you would see my affiliate link on the pin AND if I clicked on the pin I would see my affiliate number in the browser directing to that product. This no longer the case as of this last week, and I don't know what is going on. Just a few minutes ago, I clicked on some that have been on my board for at least a year, and they are all gone, so this is not a current thing- of it not transferring from Zazzle to Pinterest. Every affiliate link is gone and I have around 700 pins. I don't if Zazzle doesn't want to pay out the affiliate commission or if Pinterest has gone in and erased all links. Maybe Zazzle thinks that no one will notice, they'll just pin them to their board and go on. If someone knows something I don't know please clue me in.
Topic: Category Titles Not Showing Up
Joco Posted: Monday, August 13, 2018 7:12:18 AM
I just opened a new store, so I've done this before, but I'm having a problem with the category title not showing up on my home page. My image is there for the category, but my other store has the image and tile name under it. Any suggestions?
Topic: Vertical Template for Posters?????
Joco Posted: Friday, November 18, 2016 6:51:46 AM
Last week, the site was changed and I tried to create a poster but I could not figure out how to switch it too "portrait" for a vertical poster, and asked on this very forum. A couple of days later, it was back to the old way of doing things and so I was a happy camper making my vertical posters. Well, lo' and behold, this morning we are back to the new interface and again, I cannot find, how to flip the template to vertical, nor can find my original post on here. I've not received an email with a response. Why do you keep switching this... ??? Here we are at holiday season, trying to get products, you switch things back and forth and then, don't offer an answer to a apparent problem. Very frustrating to say the least.Crying