Topic: important news: advanced skinning and other store updates
Cartoonize My Pet Posted: Thursday, June 20, 2013 1:15:25 PM
ematson wrote:
DigitalDreambuilder wrote:
I and quite a few others have Zazzle Stores that serve as a front-end to the Zazzle API. The products in the storefront are generally not visible to the public (because they are only templates), and are only created when the API is invoked from an external website.

The store usually only has a storefront description and together with the API created product descriptions these currently have html that direct the customer to the website for creating their products in these stores.

If all HTML is removed from storefronts and product descriptions doesn't this mean that it will not be possible for customers to follow a link to the external website to create their products using the API? Sounds like a backward step for managing API enabled stores Sad

interesting dynamic. so you rely on your storefront to drive traffic back to your api-enabled site... then back to zazzle?

Indeed. The only way customers can change the color of my API pets is by going to my site, choosing a new color, and then coming back to Zazzle again with the new color dynamically loaded in. Without a way to drive traffic to the API selection I'll be sunk! Sad

Please help! API sites NEED a way to direct traffic to them from our store fronts!! (Freaking out a tad here!)