Topic: Saved Designs
My Verse Posted: Sunday, May 19, 2019 1:18:01 AM
My saved designs have also gone a bit wacky - mostly blanks as mentioned and some old previously deleted design or ones already published - its almost like a recycle bin restore happened...
Topic: Giving up on a niche
My Verse Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 7:04:10 AM
Well Mr HightonRidley just put out a call for LGBTQ related collections should you not have hit delete on yours just yet:
Topic: Let me share your store
My Verse Posted: Monday, April 22, 2019 2:53:55 AM
Thanks for the opportunity! Will be posting to your blog soon Grin
Shared and shared alike too!
Topic: Lets see your cards and postcards!
My Verse Posted: Saturday, April 20, 2019 1:05:01 AM
Hi there - here are some! Mostly inspirational and motivational poems Grin

Thank you!
Topic: Thanks Z for the Grouping icon!
My Verse Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2019 6:15:36 AM
LM Gildersleeve wrote:

Thanks for this. It's great to be able to tell if a product is grouped without viewing the product.


+1 Also for the direct link ones!