Topic: zRank issue
PiXXart Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2017 1:53:26 AM
here also
5 to -1
Topic: Missing items in storefront
PiXXart Posted: Monday, June 12, 2017 4:31:43 AM
emporiomoffa wrote:
Is the new indexer working? my posters are not showing in the public storefront or searches, it's killing my sales. My stores are getting traffic, but not for posters which make up the bulk of my sales.

I was wondering the same. No change in my store, still the same items missing as before. Also new (more than week ago, made one by one) created items don't show all....
Topic: Missing items in storefront
PiXXart Posted: Thursday, May 25, 2017 4:37:30 AM
I still have 41 grey kid's zip hoodies missing in my shop since last october. They we're created in october, made it in my shop for some days and then disappeared. They never returned to my shop (unlike the other missing products that came and went in my shop).
The hoodies were also the first problem i reported back in october, but i never had a solution for it.

Do i have to remake them?

This is one of the missing hoodies
Topic: Missing products in MP
PiXXart Posted: Monday, March 13, 2017 4:42:59 AM
HightonRidley wrote:
Pixxart, my understanding is that the MP isn't infinitely deep. That means that not all products can be in it.

For quite a long time people were saying that the indicated number of pages when in the MP was wrong. When they kept clicking > for next page, they'd eventually come to the end of the products way before reaching the end of the number of pages indicated.

I believe the number of pages indicated (multiplied by page size) showed the number of products that peeps had created. The number of pages 'reachable' were for those products that made it into the marketplace.

I think that the number available when someone searches your store in the way you mention are those that made it into the marketplace and so are not your full inventory (confirming what you're saying).

If Z really wants to curb the marketplace, that's fine and they can keep doing what they're doing. BUT, if someone's searching in your store, your full inventory should be available for searching.

So, if I'm right (and that's definitely not certain!)
a) Zazzle needs to attend to that last point
b) You need to help get your stuff back in the marketplace by promoting, promoting, promoting! Once they get enough "bubble-up' juice from views/purchases (and good tags and titles and other ingredients we can only surmise at), they'll rise and displace others in the marketplace.

I feel your pain - and am frightened to look at my own store's inventory as it appears in the mp...

I also know that you can't keep clicking 'next page' forever (mostly page 17 is the last).
But i have items that normally showed up on the first page; that were sold in the short period that were in MP (most items were created june 2016- december 2016). These were popular and are nowhere now. Not in my store, not in the MP. Mostly is also complete product ranges that are missing. All my wall clocks are gone, all my watches, all my normal coffee mugs, all my pillows, all my keychains.....(also the sold ones)
I'm working with chrome in windows 10. But i also tried internet explorer. I also tried safari on a macbook at my parents home. I always get the same results. Well, at least that day....because it can change from day to day.

It really drives me nutsCrying
Topic: Missing products in MP
PiXXart Posted: Monday, March 13, 2017 3:07:15 AM
My store indeed shows 10683 items....that's the number of items that should be present in the MP. Sadly, the number of items in MP are way below that number.

I've been suffering from this problem the last 5 months. I'v been posting on this forum about this forum for the past 5 months. A LOT of other members have the same problem (not as bad as me), but it didn't matter how much i posted here...they didn't saw it.

The past 5 months i try to figure out what the problem is.

- The total amount of products shown on the product page in the public store shows the amount of items that should be in the store (items in backend - the products that are out of stock). In my case that should be 10683 for the moment.

- The items in my main categories are way less

screen capture tool"/>

The amount of items in the red box are the only items you will find in the MP when you search with the department dropdown menu (for example 'horus' and then narrow down with the department dropdown list). Only 191 items in my store will be searchable that way in the MP.

-If you search for 'horus+ product name'; there is a bigger change you will find the product.
In my case: if you search for 'horus' and then want to search for a bath mat with the department list, you will find 0 bath mats. If you search for 'horus bath mat', you will have 8 results, which include my bath mat.

To quickly search which items will be searchable with the 'title+ product' name in the searchbar in the MP, you can do a search within your own shop:

If i search for button in my own store, 3 show up
If i search for brownie in my own store, 0 show up
If i search for watch in my own store, 0 show up
If i search for keychain in my own store, 0 show up
If i search for pillow in my own store, 0 show up
If i search for mug in my own store, 12 show up

My Office, Electronics and Food gifts categories,are complete empty, although they contain thousands of items....
My category Stationery contains 1 item. Although the subcategories contain more products, these will NOT be searchable if you do a search and narrow down with the department list; they might show up of you search 'tite+ productname'