Topic: a new zazzler - here to help with affiliate questions (+ a wee bit of merchandising)
carly Posted: Friday, April 15, 2016 6:19:59 AM
Hi, I'm new and trying to start an affiliate site promoting some Zazzle products. It's a wordpress site through eHost and I got their widget to post the product html code but when I click on the product on my page, as if I was a customer, the transition from there to the Zazzle product is not smooth and looks weird. It should just go straight to the product but it drops the picture down and brings up some weird drop down thing. Does anyone here know anything about that? When I called eHost they said it sounded like an issue with the Zazzle code. I don't know much about code so I'm lost.

Sorry if this isn't the correct place to post.


***Update...nevermind...the website people helped me..there's a piece of code you have to add to the existing code to make the link transition smooth.
Topic: Does anyone have a separate website that they use to link back to zazzle?
carly Posted: Thursday, April 14, 2016 8:46:07 PM
I'm a newbie in the process of building a Wordpress site as an affiliate site. i finally figured out how to post the product referral links but when you click on them, they look weird so still working on it.