Topic: :: SIGH :: Dare I say? Too Much of a Good Thing? [Too many products?]
EB Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 8:40:43 AM
Felosarix wrote:
GollyGirls wrote:
Plus with our luck, they'd discontinue the product lines that sell WELL for you.

My thought exactly. I don't think the problem is the number of products offered. The problem is tag spam, keyword stuffing, and product spam - the latter encouraged by the way Zazzle's pre-made templates are set up to make oodles of stuff all at once, and seemingly in every style by using the Quick Create tools. People put their design on every possible product, rather than choosing carefully to make a good marriage of product and design. I don't make every product, and I don't put all my designs on each of the products that I do choose to make.

People are fond of saying that we don't know what will sell. While it's a true statement, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't be making our best guess at which of our designs are likely to be appealing to consumers of a particular product. We should aim for repeat sales, not the oddball one-offs that are the remotest of possibilities.

We have examples in the real world all around us that should inform the choices we make when pairing design & product. Yet I see so many examples where people seem to have just completely ignored this.

I realize it's easier said than done. But I do believe it's possible to exercise restraint and good judgment, learn from past success & failures, and improve at making those choices.

At least that's what I'm trying to do.

Well said, Felosarix! Part of being a designer is and should be pairing design to product.
Topic: Stickers?
EB Posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 5:27:04 AM
Clear vinyl car window stickers, oval stickers for outdoor (car) use. Also, on the regular bumper stickers I created and bought, the background color faded pretty badly in a few months, so we need higher quality coating or something.

Also I agree on the single cut out shapes idea.

Thanks for working on this!
Topic: Banner Official Design Tips & Tricks Thread
EB Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2015 7:05:53 AM
What category are these in? I can't find them anywhere from the "shop" section of the home page. If I enter "banners" in the search box I get affiliate banners for web sites.
Topic: Can we use trademarked logos on a private order?
EB Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 6:15:59 AM
It was a shoe store that carries 10 or 12 major brands of shoes. It would be much too difficult for them to get all that paperwork. Any one brand might send them promo stuff, but they want their marketing to have a row of various logos across the bottom. Seems like there should be a waiver they could sign taking responsibility or something. No big deal to me, just curious about how and whether online printers would ever be able to get a slice of that kind of business.
Topic: Can we use trademarked logos on a private order?
EB Posted: Tuesday, August 25, 2015 6:27:44 AM
Thanks, Gina, I was afraid of that. Too bad this can't be worked out. They could easily get the banners from a local print shop or sign shop with the logos, but the price is so much higher. Also, they would like to have templates so they could go in and change slogans for a holiday or sale or something. I wonder if there is any other way for businesses to do this online when it's a totally legitimate use.