Topic: Shelli in OK -- Hope you are okay
Tabz Jones Posted: Sunday, May 26, 2019 2:01:50 PM
They've pushed the flood crest back until late Tuesday evening and now they're saying it could reach 42 feet or higher over flood stage. They have already closed most of the roads coming in to the south side of Fort Smith from Barling and Fort Chaffee. By Tuesday Van Buren will be completely cut off from Fort Smith. Moffet, Dora, and Roland Oklahoma are in the direct path and nearly all outlying communities are under evac orders.Including the local behavioral hospital. They are on stand by for evac which means all of the patients could end up at the county jail until they can relocate them. It's just a mess.

My husband is a professional mover and he has been working 18 hour days nonstop getting people and as much of their belongings as they can out of their homes and into storage units on higher ground. The house they moved yesterday was the worst so far. They had to move everything out onto the front lawn before loading it into the truck because the water was already coming in the back door.

Shelli, I was in Fort Smith in 1996 when the F4 came through. It took out my garage, lifted my roof and tore out my 80 year old maple tree by the roots. My aunts house was destroyed.I know that blank look of shock well. The entire northside looked like a war zone. It took us 2 hours to walk the 9 blocks to her house the next morning because we had to dodge downed trees and power lines.

We lived less than 5 miles from Mountainburg last year when the high school was taken out by one. You neverforget that sound.

Shelli, PM me on FB if you want to keep in touch.

ALMOUNT, stay safe and keep us posted. This is the worst spring I've seen in a long time.

Topic: Shelli in OK -- Hope you are okay
Tabz Jones Posted: Saturday, May 25, 2019 10:37:23 AM
Things aren't getting any better. All of the rain has now flooded out the Arkansas river. It's expected to crest at 41 feet above flood stage sometime tomorrow. According to the Army Corp of Engineers website,it's the worst flooding in the Fort Smith area in recorded history. It might actually cut Fort Smith off from the west and north.

We will be fine up on the hill, but I feel for everyone in town. Sad

Photo from the website (the green is the projected flood plain):

Stay safe Shelli. Check in when you can. That goes for anybody else in our area.

Love Tabz
Topic: A word to the wise...
Tabz Jones Posted: Friday, May 24, 2019 7:58:53 AM
chefcateringbizcards wrote:
I wish they had a label that was 2" or 2.25, but you either have to get the 1.5 which is too small for a lot of things, then it jumps to a massive 3" which is too big/expensive.

Yup, this my problem as well. I solved the issue with my lip balm labels by turning them sideways on the large Avery label. It means I will have to cut each one in half, but that's better than a bad fit.

The perfume bottles and soap labels should print just fine.

* Thank you PetsDreamlands for the tip. I did what you suggested and checked everything at accurate size.

I can't wait to get to work on this project.Happy
Topic: A word to the wise...
Tabz Jones Posted: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 7:22:46 AM
MelroseOriginals wrote:
May I ask what size each yours work out to be?
I just ordered a big sample sheet for myself a couple of days ago and my mom and sister both got some for a laptop and tumblers. All were the glossy transparent so I will get to see how my designs look on various surfaces. I’m really hoping they are good because I don’t want to have to upload designs specific to the stickers. I’m testing mine on my drink tumblers and my back car window and I have a couple to play with that I’m not sure what I will use them on.

These are not the die cut, they are the new water proof labels (food and drink category).


Thank you for that example. I guess I will scrap that idea and go back to the address labels. I know they will print the way I want, I've been using them for years.

Oh well, live and learn Happy
Topic: A word to the wise...
Tabz Jones Posted: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 6:43:56 AM
You're welcome Grin

I'm going to flip the color scheme and see if that helps with the printing. I also chose a bolder print for the ingredient list so maybe that will help too. *Fingers crossed*

I do like the glossy look of these better than the Avery labels, but if I can't get the printing the way I want it, then I will be forced to go back to the address labels.