Topic: Proof of Ownership After Deleting Products
Inspiredmestudio Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 1:51:38 PM
All my art is made by me and I don't rely on stock art so for my blog content I use photos of the creation process and photos of the finished artwork. So when I have had to report a product that I have also blogged about the artwork I send a link to that page in addition to my zazzle page links. My blog posts I never feel the need to delete as long as I have my website.
Topic: Stolen Watch but can't customise!
Inspiredmestudio Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 1:29:56 PM
Christine wrote:
Hi everyone. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Besides the example YouBeaut Designs gave, can you post more if you see yours? Please provide us with a link of a stolen design/product from that site as well as the zazzle product link that it's stolen from. This will make our case stronger when we issue a cease and desist to the website. Thanks!

I just sent them a DMCA for this pillow design.
this is where they stole it from
Topic: is it a phishing scam or a real site selling counterfit zazzle products?
Inspiredmestudio Posted: Sunday, July 3, 2016 8:05:35 PM
I came across a post on facebook groups by another zazzler alerting us to this website and that it had counterfeit designs from zazzle apparently for sale. The person claimed that they came across the websites presence by seeing it posted here. but I can't seem to find the post. The first time I looked at the website was by clicking their link using my smart phone so nothing untoward was obvious except for the fact I did find a pillow of my design (the fabric texture is wrong so they must be stripping the image from zazzle an posting it on their own pillow set up.). I went back to the site today on my desktop computer to report the pillow. However each time I open that url I get a pop up from chrome saying they blocked a malicious domain/website for malware. I also cannot find any evidence of where to send my dmca for the pillow anyway.
Does anyone have any insight to this website. Aside from concerns it's selling my fabric print wholesale, I am also concerned it's a phishing scam and that it's just there to give computers malware?
Topic: view of the top of feather shine phone case (screen view and how the case is flush or wraps around)
Inspiredmestudio Posted: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 1:17:40 PM
So I ordered one of the feather shine phone case to use personally. So I am writing this from a customer point of view rather than a designer.
this the case I bought. which has my own design.
I am also replacing another zazzle case with this case. which was the tough. which I have had for more than two years and frankly was very happy with. In conjunction with a good screen protector that case protected my phone very well through some awful drops on some dubious things including concrete and tile from a high distance. over time i did gouge the printed details a fair bit (concrete I think did the worst as did a errant key in my purse) but it held up well and protected ,y screen phone and buttons.
I bought the feather shine, paying more than the tough option because despite loving how the tough held up I was seduced by the metallic options it provided. I was a little worried about how the case would protect my screen. I had seen one review say that the cover didn't wrap around the screen as much as others and may not provide it as much protection as other cases. but it was one review with no pictures so the extent of how much or little the screen was protected was left to the imagination based on what they wrote. The product images you offer, whilst giving great shots of the printed side with artwork do not give very great views of how the case doesn't or does over lap the screen. the over head shot of the phone screen offered made it look like the case over lapped a tiny bit of the screen as did the printed side angled shots though it was hard to tell.
In person though the case is actually flush to the screen/lower than ( I have a nice thick screen protector on my SE which may accentuate that).
So I ask as a customer could we possible add product shots that better convey the high and extent of overlap of cases in relation to the screens of the devices they protect.

I will be keeping my case, as I like it and it's pretty and has my artwork on it. But I may have to either order a second every day cheaper/tougher case or find a wrap of some sort that gives the added screen protection it's predecessor gave me.
Topic: Irregularities In Tablecloths
Inspiredmestudio Posted: Saturday, January 23, 2016 4:35:02 PM
Kreatur is right it usually signifies that can be some iregularity it the weave or fabric production... you might get a few bunched up threads making a bump that looks like a pull.