Topic: What the Heck? I'm so frustrated.
shotwellphoto Posted: Saturday, March 12, 2016 8:44:12 PM
DelaineK wrote:
I am happy to say I am doing better and have made "PRO" finally!!!! Hope it keeps going up!

Congrats DelaineK! Smile
Topic: Close to being done
shotwellphoto Posted: Monday, February 22, 2016 9:02:57 PM
Goosebury wrote:
Thanks MarBeth for your input. Still feeling very strongly right now that I'm done.
@TTN Right now I have my store hidden and all the products direct only. I have promoted several for this year so I will probably leave the rest until the end of the year as "direct only" then may delete them at that time. Thank you anyway for the offer.
Wish you all success and good luck.

I wonder why you would want to hide your store and set you products to direct only. It's like having a coffee can sitting next to your front door, and once in a while you find some money in the coffee can. Why remove the coffee can if it costs you nothing? If you just leave your store alone then maybe it will fade out on its own, but you'd get something now and then at worst.

I respect your decision, but I see this regularly and I always wonder why.
Topic: My first payment received, but...
shotwellphoto Posted: Monday, February 22, 2016 8:55:25 PM
RGebbiePhoto wrote:
Just_Kidding wrote:
No that was not it. The billing office at zazzle made mistakes with my (early payments) that I never asked for!! and they deducted 30% tax and included a $2.50 early payment penalty on top of it all!
This is what I now see on my earning summery that my earnings of $44.02 has now been changed to $047. I do hope they ( the billing department) will admit to this mistake!

Yes, it's Taxes, they take it out for people who are not in the US at 30%. Did you complete your W8 BEN form? for more information

Original post - says W8 form was approved. Is that different from the W8-BEN form?
Topic: TODAY'S SALE -- 40, 50, or 60 percent off?
shotwellphoto Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2016 7:22:32 AM
longdistgramma wrote:
roykronk wrote:
Check your Account settings.

Hover over your account icon and, in the roll-out menu, choose My Account ( Choose Account Settings on the left ( Make sure the email address (which I think should correlate to the one you use to login) is correct and that "Send me your Newsletter & occasional special offers" is checked.

Thanks, but I have on several occasions, and it is checked.
Don't know what that's about. Weird

Same here. I think my email provider server may be filtering them out as spam. But I get everything else from Zazzle.
Topic: Delivery times
shotwellphoto Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2016 7:12:38 AM
Item not delivered. wrote:
Oh it says it has been shipped. Its was shipped on Feb 1st Sad I sure hope it hasn't been lost and that there is a delay at the border. All I have on the page is the order number and the shipment id, the latter of which I tried plugging into both ups and usps... nothing. Sad
Thank you all for your help though!

I hope so too. You could try plugging the number into the FedEx dot com tracking system. I don't know who they use for Canada so it might be worth a try.

At this point, if you can afford the phone charges to call the USA I would advise to call Zazzle and ask them to look into it. (or is it toll free from Canada too?) Email is free but that might take a few days to get an answer and it might take more than one email, so phone would be much faster.

I'm sorry there's been this trouble with the shipping. It's frustrating to find that perfect t-shirt and then have it delayed. Good luck!