Topic: important news: advanced skinning and other store updates
getyergoat Posted: Friday, June 21, 2013 10:21:04 AM
Louis wrote:
Alright, I'll get this one started back up. Here is a summary of the current questions/concerns:

First off, if you don't do anything right now, your store will be displayed fine when we make the switch. So if you want to take the wait and see approach it will not hurt. The two things I recommend doing right now are to remove any code you have put into the store description and start working on a new mantle/header image at the 1180x200 dimension so that you can add it right after we make the switch.

More Details:
If you have any html in the store description in store settings, you may want to remove it now. If you don't it will just be shown as text (i.e. you will see exactly what is in the back-end of your manage store settings, not the images/links/etc you currently see on the store homepage), but it will all be at the bottom of the store, so it should not impede any users from navigating your store if you don't get to it now.

If you have done any work in the advanced customization beta, nothing needs to be done. Anything you have done in the advanced section will simply disappear.

you do not need to do anything to your current categories. The new resolution is now 648x648, but all old images will still be there. If your categories are currently displayed, they will be displayed on your new store; if they are not currently displayed, they will not be displayed.

There will be products on your homepage. You can choose either all products, featured products, or a single store category.

Contact Designer, comment wall, liking a store still exists. All social networking links are still available in your about store section. You will not be able to change the left nav column where a user can search your store and filter to your categories and departments.

Thank you for chiming in today - 3 questions..
1. Will there be any place to link our shops together built in? (I get traffic from one shop to another due to my custom links)
2. ANY possibility to have 'on the product pages' Where there are see more like this or you may also like.. to have just our products shown instead of other artist's designs ?
3. SO then, I understand there WILL be a way to go into the store and edit out messy text left from the old html if we do not get to it before the change?

thanks again Louis..
Topic: important news: advanced skinning and other store updates
getyergoat Posted: Thursday, June 20, 2013 7:59:06 PM
ematson wrote:
abquisto wrote:
Hello guys,
I had read the Forums this morning early and had not seen the thread. Found it on Facebook Thank God!
Anyway my question is, my categories are text only. Will I need to change to icons instead, or will they leave my text categories alone?
It always takes so long for the icons to load for me anyway.
I understand I'll need to replace my header (Mantle: 1180 x 200) or whatever you called it.
But I have close to 200 categories and making the icons (648 x 648) will be very time consuming.
Sorry for asking a stupid question but would like to know.
Thanks in Advance....

that would definitely be a hefty task, but you'll be just fine with your text.


So we can leave our categories with just text links correct? Isn't 648x648 awfully large esp for viewing on a pad or phone? I doubt they will even sit 2 side by side will they? My main concern is the ability to clean up what ever html stuff we missed after the changes take place so we don;t end up with sloppy stores.
I saw someone ask for an example to what we will be given for storefronts, did this get posted and I missed it?