Topic: ZSB Product Pages: no image & correct links aren't built.
dogsites Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 7:31:24 PM
Still no news?
Topic: How to mimic the Zazzle Categories
dogsites Posted: Monday, January 28, 2013 9:36:45 PM
Aha, with some testing I seem to have found it, well it works for me

If you go to your Zazzle Acount and click on the Products Tab, you will see a column with the categories, i.e.

Cards & Postage
Home & Pets
Office Products
Art & Posters
Other Products

If you select the category you want and drill down to something like Baby Bodysuits, so like

< All Departments
< Clothing
< Kids & Baby
< Baby

have a look at the url in your browser, it will have two numbers

a dp and an sr

use the dp number and add to your code for productLineId

something like

$_GET["productLineId"] = "252789982481724996";

Hope that helps others Smile

I am creating a complete listing of all the categories and relevant numbers if you are interested let me know.

Topic: How to mimic the Zazzle Categories
dogsites Posted: Monday, January 28, 2013 6:49:09 PM
Sorry I may not have been clear Stick out tongue

I meant using the Store Builder (1.5)

For example if I wanted to have a page for each type of casemate-case, i.e. blackberry, iphone, htc etc

$_GET['showPagination'] = true;
$_GET['productsPerRow'] = "5";
$_GET['showHowMany'] = '10';
$_GET['showProductDescription'] = false;
$_GET['useShortDescription'] = true;
$_GET['gridCellSize'] = 'medium';
$_GET['showProductTitle'] = true;
$_GET['showByLine'] = false;
$_GET['defaultSort'] = 'popular';
$_GET['showProductPrice'] = true;
$_GET['productType'] = 'casemate_case';
$_GET['keywords'] = 'blackberry';

include "include/zstore.php";

When I try the above I get iphones and other cases that have blackberry in their title/description. What I want is to be able to restrict the products found to be blackberry cases only.

Anyone know how that can be done with the store builder?

Topic: How to mimic the Zazzle Categories
dogsites Posted: Monday, January 07, 2013 8:48:12 PM
Hi guys

I am trying to set up a set of categories of the different product lines and also the differences in products per age group, i.e. baby, girl, boy, teens, men, women etc

For example if you go to the Zazzle home page and select Shop Departsments > Clothing > Baby Apparel it then gives us the various groups of baby bodysuites, baby t-shirts and even pacifiers. This is great - but how do I do the same in my Zazzle Store?

Is there a keyword or other tag I can use or some other setting for my store to mimic these categories that Zazzle uses in my own store please.

Thanks for your help
Topic: Remove Captcha for registered users over X posts
dogsites Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2012 4:21:39 PM
Hey Zazzle forum mods. Would it be possible to remove the need to use Captcha to make posts if you are a confirmed member with a set amount of posts, like 5? It is just a tad annoying trying to read and figure out some of the captcha codes, and really is pointless if you are a real member.