Topic: Business card product images showing more than the print area
artberry Posted: Thursday, February 09, 2017 10:16:45 AM
Scott wrote:
Having reviewed the examples you posted, it looks like you arranged the designs based on the 'print' line, and not necessarily the 'bleed' line. This is not a wise practice as the design may shift slightly when it's printed and cut down to size.

You're noticing this now because our new assets are ever so slightly different than before. Note that even the slightest bit of shifting in the design has now caused elements from the 'bleed' area to be visible around the outermost edges of your design.

To fix this I would recommend adjusting all of your affected designs so that the text appears within the 'safe area,' and the images extend all the way to the 'bleed' lines.

Thanks Scott.
I know what you're saying, and I can fix the problem by adding additional graphics to mask out the area between the print line and the Bleed line or to extent elements to the bleed line. Obviously a lot of work with thousands of existing business cards but could be done.

Even so there shouldn't be anything showing beyond the print line. This is a technical fault with the new assets because the print line is supposed to represent the printed area so anything which shows up in product images from beyond that line is in error. This error is specific to the new design tool and new assets which didn't exist before the changes.
Topic: Business card product images showing more than the print area
artberry Posted: Friday, February 03, 2017 2:13:29 PM
Thanks Scott

Here are a few which show the problem

Top Panel - Color Segments 01
There are also 231 with the same template most of which show the same fault to a lesser or greater extent.

Square Photo (v3) - Rudbeckia hirta Again there are hundreds of other versions which have different images in the same template which also show the problem

Square Photo (v3) - Abstract Swirl 250816 - 01c This template also has the problem.

There are many more. Generally the problem seems to show up worse in the smaller product thumbnails and is a bit less evident when viewing the main product image. However it's still shows even though in many cases it seems to be overlaying the same line/shading which represents the edge of the business card.

As I say I notice it now says to extend graphics to the bleed line and the new design tool seems to use that line rather than the print line when sizing graphics fit or fill. which isn't ideal for things like business cards because one can't design something accurately if the size isn't precisely defined.

However I know all those templates were fine before the changes, in fact many have sold previously. I've even bought some myself so this problem doesn't show on the final products. So it seems the product images and thumbnails are showing a small area outside the actual print line.

Topic: Business card product images showing more than the print area
artberry Posted: Friday, February 03, 2017 10:13:26 AM
I've noticed thousands of my business card templates are now showing thin lines at the edges where background graphics are showing through. basically it's where there is a template mask fitted up to the print line and there is an image underneath.

It now says we should extend colors to the red line and using fit or fill in the new design tool it seems graphics are now sized to the outer red line, whereas in the old design tool and in the past items were fitted to the print line. So obviously there appears to have been a significant change there. Obviously that change makes the new design tool very difficult to use for designing such things as business cards because this red line is at some arbitrary point outside the design area and edges of the actual product and doesn't really exist in any case. But if we have to add extra graphics to mask off this area in future that isn't necessarily a problem.

However the thin lines of background graphics now appearing on many existing templates is a problem.

I don't know if this problem has been covered before. I searched the forums and couldn't find anything about this which is why I'm posting this.
Topic: Zazzle Uploader Not Working
artberry Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2015 12:33:28 PM
It isn't just the bulk uploader tool. I uploaded an image to a product yesterday which still hasn't appeared in the main image folder. Although it is in the recent images section.
Topic: Back end Products tab is useless
artberry Posted: Tuesday, September 08, 2015 3:55:46 PM
I noticed this. I deleted all my saved products. After all they are mostly trash i.e Design experiments which didn't quite work. I don't know why I'd want the trash can at the top of my profile other than I suppose it reminds me to delete this stuff more often.