Topic: 3 Types of hats sold out, no email notification option
alleyshirts Posted: Thursday, January 11, 2018 10:17:49 AM
Hopefully soon - still have back christmas present
orders to fullfill!
Topic: Towel Set Official Show Me Thread
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Topic: New design tool
alleyshirts Posted: Saturday, November 12, 2016 10:46:13 AM
RoyK_is_a_She wrote:
I've tried on some products I created, and it takes me a second to get oriented because I'm used to the old interface, but I didn't find it as awful as you say, AlleyShirts. Would you mind sharing the link of the product where you encountered these errors?

I had chosen this as a random card. I also tried a couple of random prodcuts, t-shirts etc.
Many of the problems came up when choosing the backside, and then clicking Customize.
Topic: New design tool
alleyshirts Posted: Saturday, November 12, 2016 9:41:10 AM
Have you gone in the new version and tried to customize a product?
It's a nightmare for the customer.
Options are all over the place
I had no idea what the customize "choice" labeled "Hank BT" was?
(it's the name of the font style on the design).
Turns out that it is the title of the button you use to change font styles.
Would the customer know this - no.

And there is a design choice labeled AV.
Apparently this spaces the letters - would the customer know this - no

There is no longer pictures of the other different product style choices and colors available, for example in shirts.
You need to click on a link to go see them.
Not everyone will. So a customer has no idea that there might be other styles if they aren't thrilled with the current one.
This eliminates spontaneous choices to keep a customer, and they may leave the page - bad branding for sales.
- You only have a few moments to keep and satisfy a customer.

I went to customize a zazzler's business card.
I couldn't find the backside choice, at all. It's buried in a tiny picture option in the upper left corner.
And on my computer I have to scroll down to see the all the printing on the business card, and I lose sight of the backside option.
So I never even saw it, til I started scrolling the page up and down.
Ya think that's good. no.
Again, here there are no pictures of the different size selections for the cards, nor the paper choices or rounded corners.
You have to click on a link called "More".
This is not customer friendly.

Then I clicked "customize" to change the wording, and it gave me a new page - with vertical options in big letters of T's on the right side.
T1, T2. T3 , T4 and T5 -- example: T3 says Your Name, T4 says "Your Title"
You would think that meant customize TEXT here.
No, it's only if you want to delete the text.
To change text you must scroll down under the the image to find "Edit"
I was so confused with all the jumping around, changing pages, losing sight of my original intent, that I left.
I assume the customer will go back to Google, and find another site.
And I find the new way, for us designer, so "un-user unfriendly"
We had this battle a couple of years ago.
I would love to know why Zazzle thinks this confusing design is good for designers or customers.
And repeat customers are already used to the old design.
I like a few of the new options, but want the old page set-up that was so easy to use - all in eyesight, concise, well labeled, no need for scrolling around. - All visual and clickable in one set area.

I'm so frustrated I think I'll stop here for now.
Topic: New design tool
alleyshirts Posted: Friday, November 11, 2016 9:18:46 AM
colorwash wrote:
alleyshirts wrote:

The new options are all over the place.

Indeed. It's currently like a kitchen set up so the refrigerator is on an adjacent porch, the stove is blocking the entrance, the refrigerator is in the basement, and cooking utensils are hidden all over the place in secret cubbies.

Agreed! I just told my neighbor, it's like having 3 spaces at work, 1 desk and file in your office, 1 desk and files in the hall, and and 1 in the room next door - where you'd have to keep running back and forth to do business.