Topic: Resizing text box on pens
PetsDreamlands Posted: Sunday, January 19, 2020 11:01:49 AM
AnnaRosaEnergyArtist wrote:
PetsDreamlands wrote:
Just tested and can confirm the issue. You can still work and text templates work correctly, too, though (fortunately):

1. resize the text box width to your needs first, then
2. manually re-adjust the font size by typing

The text box width stays as defined and the text gets wrapped correctly. Text templates also work correctly when editing the text within the personalize form: neither box width nor font size change.

I will test this right now. The above steps were no longer working.

I know. It must be a bug. The text box functionality is still given, though, the text gets just resized, what shouldn't happen. What you have to do is to manually type in the font size when you have the box at the desired width. It's a bit annoying, but at least you can still work until it gets fixed.
Topic: $3321.00 table runner???
PetsDreamlands Posted: Sunday, January 19, 2020 5:36:21 AM
Colorwash wrote:
Is it possible a comma was used instead of a decimal point or perhaps the decimal point was forgotten, maybe a typo?

Nope. I guess it's done on purpose to allow maximal freedom. The rising is exponential. From 98% to 99% the (on 98% already 50 times higher) price gets doubled. Try it out. I just did it for fun on a 179$ duvet cover and ended up with a 17'005$ sales price, for that you almost get an entry level Challenger, lol.
Topic: $3321.00 table runner???
PetsDreamlands Posted: Sunday, January 19, 2020 1:58:04 AM
Padie wrote:
Hi all, there is a high royalty on this product, obviously what the designer thought it was worth...

Stargazer wrote:
OK, I know how percentage works, and that's just incorrect. The price for that product is $34.95 with a 5% markup of $1.75, which means the base price of the item without markup is $33.20. If an item's cost is $33.20, then at 100% markup its price should be $66.40. The max allowed percentage of 99% is $32.87 for a price of $66.07. Quite a bit shy of $33201.00

How is it over 100.03 times the base cost?

Easy math: something has a base price of $100. 10% markup is $10 ($110 total), 20% is $20 ($120), and 100% is $100 ($200 total). Not $10,000 and change.

Just tested it out, first with a table runner, then with a necklace. It's a royalty calculator thing: the higher the percentage you set, the more exponential the price/royalty rises. Here the results within the advanced calculator:

Example: Necklace 29.95 base price at min. 5% royalty.

Royalty % Set - End Price - Royalty made* - Real Royalty %*

05% - 29.95 - 1.50 - 5.00%
10% - 31.65 - 3.17 - 10.58%
15% - 33.50 - 4.78 - 15.96%
20% - 35.60 - 6.76 - 22.57%
30% - 40.70 - 11.60 - 38.73%
50% - 56.95 - 27.06 - 90.35%
75% - 113.85 - 81.12 - 270.85%
90% - 285.00 - 243.67 - 813.59%
95% - 570.00 - 514.42 - 1717.60%
98% - 1423.00 - 1324.00 - 4420.70%
99% - 2846.00 - 2676.00 - 8934.90%

* Royalty and Real % with the additional transaction fee deducted where applicable and based on the 29.95 base price with the 5% min. royalties included, so numbers aren't accurate but give an idea on their exponential rising.

If this is working as intended, the % numbers/references shown in the calculator are misleading and may cause confusion. Perhaps the numbers should be adjusted to show the real % (or get rid of the % sign and show the numbers just as value/factor). In that case, Zazzle allows, in reality, a royalty markup of almost 9000%, not only the mentioned 99%.

If this is not working as intended, and the calculator gets fixed, I guess, the royalties already set on published products have to be left untouched or quite a few designers will get a half heart attack and we'll experience the next apocalypse on these forums ;-)

@Padie: any feedback on my assumptions? Just so we know how it really works?

Topic: Text Boxes
PetsDreamlands Posted: Saturday, January 18, 2020 11:57:58 PM
randysgrandma wrote:
Is it just me, or does it seem to you that Zazzle has more glitches than any other POD site?

You may be right, but you have to consider the complexity and great amount of tools and functionality, Zazzle offers especially to designers. That is lightyears away from what other POD sites offer - at least the ones I've checked.

What seems so normal to us, requires, in reality, a huge amount of developing work, and the more complex that work is, the more glitches and unwanted side effects on changes it generates.

To be fair and despite my frequent "rants", I've to defend the developing guys here - they're doing a great job. Sometimes they may lack a bit in extensive testing before the changes go live, and some solutions may not be that designer/user-friendly in the first run, but that's pretty common in software development. What matters is, that they listen to users' feedback, and I must say, the guys at Z do, not always and sometimes it takes time, but they definitely do.

That being said, on another POD site I couldn't even upload larger files due to upload timeouts when I had a slow connection, their designer offers nothing more than resizing and positioning, some previews often don't even render and I'm still waiting (over a year now) for a back view of their all-over shirts and direct-links so I can offer custom adaptations without having to make the products public.
Topic: Text Boxes
PetsDreamlands Posted: Saturday, January 18, 2020 10:53:58 PM
anuradesignstudio wrote:
Thanks PetsDreamlands. Appreciate the information link. Guess I was thinking that the glitch mentioned was part of the new workings. I was trying to do custom monograms and having a time. Was concerned that the customer wouldn’t understand the space requirements.

Will wait to see if Padie gives us some info on this.

Edit: As I was reading other forum threads, noticed that designers are having trouble with invitations and business cards because of this text box challenge.

always glad to help when I can. Wasn't aware of the (assumed) glitch when reading your post and thought you were addressing the changes.