Topic: Restriction not Working
MauLoa Posted: Monday, September 5, 2016 3:36:05 PM
HightonRidley wrote:
(apologies in advance, mild OCD.... TOO sexy, not to sexy)

.. I think the other O may off ran off the side or with the spoon!! Grin
Topic: Restriction not Working
MauLoa Posted: Monday, September 5, 2016 2:50:27 PM

the word sexy appears to still be rated PG13 on all my other products but now its going through? Made several new ones and all got through with a G example below

I'm to Sexy Tank Top by AffectionatelyYours
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Topic: Stolen Watch but can't customise!
MauLoa Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 2:32:27 PM
GollyGirls wrote:
Well, now they have MORE items added with my name on them, but they are NOT SEARCHABLE by my name and when I click on my name on their site it doesn't go anywhere. So they have new tactics.

They removed it right after I reported it so I cannot provide you the links. They don't even respond to me anymore, they just remove it and that's that.

But, if you are COUNTING on finding your items by using your shop name, it isn't going to work once you have already contacted them. They will continue to add your images but make it not searchable.

I sent your links almost 3 hours after you posted them and they were all still up and within 10 minutes received a reply and they were gone, I posted to you about this several times. I also asked them to remove anything to do with your name as you were freaking out that they were using you name also. I did this all on behalf of my mom who wanted to help you all. She thought I may be able to with my official letter head.

As I told my mom its not even worth trying to explain who did what or when. I know what and when I did to try and help here, but the irony is:

They are playing all of us and there is absolutely nothing you can do, unless you have a lot of money and that would be wasted as they are just going to do it again once closed down which Zazzle needs to call them on.

Then to keep it from happening again Zazzle needs to do something about the vulnerability of our images (Yesterday).

Zazzle asking for these links is also a waste of time they have the best defense possible right at their fingertips. But need to enforce it.

All the I am sorry's from these horrid people come with a lot of laughing at us in the background at getting us in a panic and placating us while they keep adding more and stealing money.

Topic: Stolen Watch but can't customise!
MauLoa Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 2:04:10 PM
nordicpeek wrote:
TinkerM wrote:
Finbarr wrote:
Our team are still looking into this but at this point, we don't have an update for you. As soon as we have more to share with you all we will post it here but for now, thanks for your patience.
Since there are so many examples (fact) until Zazzle figures out what they are going to do, can't they just at least send a cease and desist from using your website,wording,watermarks etc.. ? The art yes are ours, but the products they are on are yours.??

Just seems to me anyway that would in compass a just about everything on their site and kill hundreds of birds with one stone. We are trying to put out a forest fire with a hose when this seems like a possible total solution from the company itself that should have a lot more pull than most of us who do not have the resources or money to fight this./

Just a suggestion of course.Smile

One would sure think so. Something more then a canned response of "we are looking into it". Sorry Finbarr, but this has gone on too long, and it makes no sense that Zazzle isn't doing anything to slow it down or stop it. Are you not loosing sales too over this? Sometning seems amiss here.


Christine wrote:

Hi everyone. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Besides the example YouBeaut Designs gave, can you post more if you see yours? Please provide us with a link of a stolen design/product from that site as well as the zazzle product link that it's stolen from. This will make our case stronger when we issue a cease and desist to the website. Thanks!

This is not going to work. Artists and myself have already done this, there are thousands of stolen images on this site.

The only way its going to be stopped is for you (Zazzle) to call them on stealing from your website. Sending individual requests is just a game to them at this point and every minute they have others still on their site, or add more is another minute they can rip someone off, and they are not sending anything, they are stealing people's money. It is not hurting them at all but sure is hurting us and people thinking they are buying something. They are going to stick it out to the very last second and the only chance we have is what Zazzle does through I am sure its legal means. Other than that we are spinning our wheels and might as well sit back for the ride its all a waste of time.
Topic: Stolen Watch but can't customise!
MauLoa Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 7:17:53 AM
TinkerM wrote:

My son sent them a email from his security office addy, and every file he has sent them has been taken down, over 60 so far including the first 2 pages of this thread that I asked him to get off for our members here. Several by store name meaning everything of theirs..

I could keep sending them but my son's kindness to help here, and it was working obviously is not appreciated by the lack of thank you's or even mention of almost immediately the ones listed here gettimg removed. People want to complain keep adding them, getting the run around, when he was successful getting them removed for you not even knowing you. They were asking for him to send everyone he found, and withing the day sometimes hour removed them and emailed him. Yet people here keep posting more. Until Zazzle can get the site hopefully closed down, at least your art was taken down. So far have not seen one re-added as claimed that he wrote them about.

There are many artists that have no idea either so I hope that Zazzle is going to be able to do something more as it is insidious and until shut down the games are going to continue and soon will probably not respond at all as those "other designer" emails are just another smoke screen so I was hopeful when my son was able to have a open communication with them for you. Oh well....Sad Sad

People never cease to amaze me.

I am sure the right person or Zazzle will be welcomed and hope they can help all of you work with these bad people.

Thank you Mom.

It was no problem I am in Newport just got here, got your email and came over here saw this and wanted you to know, that I am here for you or any of your friends that want help if you need. So posted in case anyone wants help, best to do it that way than take it on ourselves not that you did anything wrong.

Amy or whoever' really is corresponding with me is willing to remove them ASAP so far. But I agree hopefully Zazzle will be able to get them shut down as it appears the entire site is a con although better not to address them that way seems you get a lot more by keeping it as a misunderstanding with these people than threatening or accusing them of doing it deliberate.

Good luck keep your spirits up, its not worth getting upset let it go and enjoy you day no need to reply will talk to you when I get home

Hugs Bill