Topic: Shelli in OK -- Hope you are okay
MarBethHomeDecor Posted: Sunday, May 26, 2019 8:35:30 AM
Glad all of you are still safe. Hopefully it will get back to peaceful weather.
Topic: Zazzle Ideas Blog
MarBethHomeDecor Posted: Sunday, May 26, 2019 8:29:52 AM
J32 Design wrote:
I haven't noticed the ideas blog until recently. I think it is great and I enjoy reading the articles.

I believe Zazzle is heavily geared towards women. Using predominantly female models on the front page as well as products that include female names. I have designed products specifically towards women and noticed they are doing quite well for me. I try to cater to what the customers buy.

Would you question, or even notice, if other sites had articles mostly authored by men?

This question annoys me quite a bit. Why wouldn't he? I have known Jerry here and on social media for many years now and he has always been nothing but fair minded.

I agree with J32 about Jerry. I was surprised by the tone of the reaction and part of it crossed the line to personal attack. I was also surprised when someone noted that it was a male who wrote it, so I clicked on the store link and saw that it was a male from California.

As to the marketing and the ideas blog. I have always wished that Zazzle would market broader but they look at their numbers and make their choices for reasons they see. I just wonder why design something like car mats if Zazzle is going to market that they have them. I do play around with my own marketing ideas on Pinterest but now we have chosen to market to the Home Decor area but in no way are we deciding that only women or those with one style or taste are looking to re-do their bed and bath. We know for example that despite the marketing done by the craft industry that there are men who knit. Anybody remember Rosey Grier. So I believe diversity in marketing and in the people working on the marketing is a good thing but maybe Zazzle's numbers don't support it or maybe their numbers are skewed by "self-fulfilling prophecy."
Topic: Shelli in OK -- Hope you are okay
MarBethHomeDecor Posted: Saturday, May 25, 2019 11:53:36 AM
Tabz Jones wrote:
Things aren't getting any better. All of the rain has now flooded out the Arkansas river. It's expected to crest at 41 feet above flood stage sometime tomorrow. According to the Army Corp of Engineers website,it's the worst flooding in the Fort Smith area in recorded history. It might actually cut Fort Smith off from the west and north.

We will be fine up on the hill, but I feel for everyone in town. Sad

Photo from the website (the green is the projected flood plain):

Stay safe Shelli. Check in when you can. That goes for anybody else in our area.

Love Tabz

We have been seeing all the pictures of the flooding and it is unbelievable. The rain won't quit going over the same area. Then, the water from the north drains south and keeps the area flooded. I am glad that you are safe, but there are plenty of people who are devastated.
Topic: Hey Colorwash... are you okay?
MarBethHomeDecor Posted: Thursday, May 23, 2019 6:54:55 AM
Wishing you well with your surgery today.
Topic: Shelli in OK -- Hope you are okay
MarBethHomeDecor Posted: Monday, May 20, 2019 2:49:53 PM
Also those you care about. I saw the tornadoes in OK. After personal safety, hope you and they also avoid property damage. Thinking of those that are hit.