Topic: Royalty History all messed up
LisaMarieArt Posted: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 3:01:53 AM
Topic: New Interface Has No Sell It Button
LisaMarieArt Posted: Friday, November 11, 2016 7:50:10 AM
colorwash wrote:
It's not obvious. It's tiny and blue and I think I remember it being somewhere on the bottom right. Hmm... and I think you first have to click the Done button before you can go on the hunt for the Sell button.

Yup. It's just to the right of the magnifying glass icon after you've clicked 'done' and gone back to the product page. It says "Earn cash by selling your custom creation. Post for sale" <-- Post for sale is a blue link
Topic: Statistics not updating
LisaMarieArt Posted: Monday, September 12, 2016 1:00:35 PM
I noticed that as well. I had a few sales around 3 hours ago, and 1 within the last half hour. Nothing is showing on the Royalty History or the Earnings History pages.

Both pages used to be around 20-30 minutes behind the Summary page for me.
Topic: Can't Edit Title / Description / Tags / Etc of Invitations set to display on Semi Gloss Paper -
LisaMarieArt Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 11:49:12 PM
Any word on this guys?

It's now May 18th. Well over a month since I raised this issue for the 2nd time, the 1st was here in the forums back in October 2015.

I know what the issue is I just need someone to FIX it.

Zazzle caused this when they retired a paper type and people who had invites set to show on that paper had them automatically changed to semi-gloss. This caused the editing issue. People in the Elite forum have had this fixed, MONTHS AGO!

ruralfrance wrote:
Antique Images wrote:
Just saw there is an elite pro designer thread about people being unable to edit invitations that are set to semi gloss paper. And your invitation is also on that type of paper. Christine wrote on that thread yesterday that she was looking into it.

I had some like that ages ago when they changed the paper type and Zazzle fixed them for me.

-- October 31st, 2015

A side effect of this issue is that none of the affected invites appear in the MP anymore even though some have been viewed via referral links just 1 day ago.

I, and as a result you Zazzle, have lost a good chuck of sales because of this as I've lost MP sales. It's not a coincidence that my 2 best selling invites (which are some of those affected) took a nose dive in sales when this problem started.

I'd LOVE to be able to edit the descriptions to sort out the aftermath of the HTML removal too.

Seriously guys, this is beyond a joke. Get it fixed. I hope you don't treat customers like this.

Topic: Problems with the new APO
LisaMarieArt Posted: Friday, April 22, 2016 10:29:42 PM
ForestWildlifeArt wrote:

Hmmm. Is there a way to get the link/ID without viewing the product? If I go to the product page to get the info that's going to change the last viewed date to today. Not sure that will be helpful.

Yes. Just hover over each one in your store, right click, select 'copy link address' (may not be exactly that depending on the browser you're using), paste it, then delete everything but the 18 digit number that appears at the end of the link. <-- This Part

If you are in store management mode you'll need to hover over the product thumbnail image.
If in 'public view' you can hover either the thumbnail or product title to get the link.

Hope this helps.

I now need to check my stores. They were fine yesterday, and I assume indexed for these changes, as I'd had a change in zRank. Best check to be sure though.