Topic: TipZ- Long term OOS and Discontinued products
JustFharryn Posted: Monday, August 2, 2021 6:00:17 PM
3Cattails wrote:
This thread, recently_discontinued_products was pinned to the "Create Products" forum thread...

Could it be pinned here - or - there, either way? Really doesn't matter, but pinned up at the top somewhere.

...I was looking for the thread that had the link to the OOS products, and just lost its place. Perhaps the two could be pinned on the same forum thread?


I concur. It would be good in BOTH places, not just one. I need it here b/c I never go to create products forum since that's more noobish. Here would be great b/c you're literally requesting we make products that Zazzle is seeing trending. It would be nice to not have to switch forums for that.
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