Topic: Making my shops look professional?
JerryLambert Posted: Friday, October 09, 2015 12:58:57 PM
...and I am posting this with one of my stores.

the only difference in this example is the number of posts under my avatar.
Topic: Order Not Received On Expected Date
JerryLambert Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 4:54:44 PM
if you have tracking it will tell you if it has been delivered (say to the wrong address). UPS updates this info very quickly.

I just received a UPS shipment from Wisconsin down through the arctic mountains of Appalachia and it was right on time even though everything inside was frozen, lol.

hope you get your package soon.
Topic: Customize It Button
JerryLambert Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 4:51:41 PM
I agree, nothing should cover any part of the product image.
Topic: New Design Tools - Feedback
JerryLambert Posted: Monday, January 06, 2014 12:32:49 PM
I actually like the concept of the moon dial interface because these types of menus normally work very well with touchscreen computers and devices, but this is not utilizing touch and it is prohibiting it in places. for example I can't click all of the little pins with my finger because most are too close together and they are very small when you get down to iPad size screen. this might make sense for a "beta" desktop version of the design tool maybe 4-5 years ago but this is even the case in their app which is designed for touch. in short, nice concept, doesn't work though. I also agree that it is too complicated for average customers. it isn't necessarily a "change" thing here that sellers are concerned about as much as it is worrying that customers will be put off by it's complexity.

last year the design tool here was becoming something of perfection. I would say it was about 99.4% perfected. It worked well with mouse and touch based computers and tablets and was a breeze to use. I just don't understand why they would toss that awesome tool that I watched them perfect over many years for this thing which seems very unfinished even for a beta. the old tool was way better than this tool. I don't hate the new tool and I actually like the concept. I just remember how long it took to get the old tool working right and that sort of freaks me out.

the holidays are over and they should have plenty of data to proceed one way or the other. I haven't talked to one seller who remotely likes it even a little bit and from talking to numerous sellers over the holidays and in my own experience sales are down from this time last year. should we blame this tool? I don't know, I don't think that is all of it. and it is possible that many sellers did better this year, I haven't talked to all of them, but if I had to vote I would vote to bring the old tool back while they perfect this one off stage. whoever designed this tool shouldn't feel bad about all of the negative reviews, it is a great concept, it is just far from finished and not ready for the big show. it happens in all trades. biscuits need to rise before you bake them and robots need proper programming before being sent to live among humans.
Topic: Cheap is the wrong word choice imo
JerryLambert Posted: Sunday, January 05, 2014 5:40:24 PM
I dunno "cheap" is a very popular search term. although declining in popularity according to Google Trends it is still a very popular search term in the UK. the problem with that word in SEO is that it is over-saturated. cheap hotels, cheap tickets, cheap used cars etc.