Topic: New Department Tree
IslandsOfTime Posted: Friday, November 02, 2018 1:50:08 PM
Digitalbcon Wainman wrote:
Saints_Aplenty wrote:
Would it be at all possible to add a generic 'Religious' category under 'Greeting Cards' for those religious cards not associated, say, with a Birthday, a Baptism, or a whatever? During the 'Paper Break Out' most of my blank Greeting Cards got shunted into the "No suggested departments found. Product(s) will be found in search only" category, that is, no man's land, the ozone, or whatever you want to call it. Since then, I have been laboriously trying to get them to "stick" in just "Greeting Cards". But, it's been iffy at best--even when I add the words "Blank Greeting Card" to the title. And, of course, they're snowed under by other generic cards.

Now I realize I am a small niche. But, I can think of at least another half dozen+ stores that would be served by this addition. Please give all the consideration that you can to this request.

Mine would too...Thanks for adding this suggestion.

I am designing in that area as well. Perhaps 'Inspirational' would work?

I have to admit- I have just returned to designing after being busy with moving so I'm not clear on the whole new 'tree' deal yet. But, I think there are more of us in that niche than is realized~
Topic: Following feature: why would you like an option to opt out?
IslandsOfTime Posted: Sunday, April 01, 2018 2:09:26 PM
Piping in the add my 'Thanks for listening.' to the staff.
Also to say that I have 'unfollowed' everyone that popped up as people I was following, so if that was you~ please do not be offended.

I am very much against not having an opt out of this new/renewed feature.

To the Staff ~ Please consider that, since you have given us opt outs in many areas of the Zazzle systems, we know you are keen to create a place where individuals can structure their experience to their best advantage.

We are symbiotic, & Designers, and when something does not work for one it cannot work well for all. That is the way of it.

Thanks for listening.
Topic: Color Issues on Display
IslandsOfTime Posted: Monday, February 26, 2018 7:23:31 AM
Finbarr wrote:
Yeah I can see the color discrepancy, however it looks to be the same if you even compare the blank mini binder vs the blank 1.5" binder. Not necessarily a technical issue but will get it checked by our team.

Thanks for your help.

It seems that some kind of rendering problem is happening somewhere. I first thought it was something I did. So, I made sure I had all customizing exactly the same. The fact that customers might be confused/misled is a concern to me as a designer. It seems odd that the two items are the same type of item, made by the same manufacturer, yet they render quite differently in the product images.

I can take the time to make some kind of a 'Please Note:' in the description about image issues, but, I think that will only cause the customer to have less confidence in Zazzle's ability to create the product properly. It would certainly not do to give that impression.

Topic: Color Issues on Display
IslandsOfTime Posted: Monday, February 26, 2018 7:11:43 AM
RGebbiePhoto wrote:
You could post them as "Direct Only", that way they aren't live for the public, only live through the link you share Smile

Thanks for that tip!
Topic: Color Issues on Display
IslandsOfTime Posted: Monday, February 26, 2018 5:46:09 AM
Sorry, Finbarr

I had made three of them temporarily private, since the issues concerned had not been remedied. I only left the one with the correct colors on the product image live. I have made them all public now~

Thanks for your attention to the matter!