Topic: Copyright warning needed
GollyGirls Posted: Monday, April 10, 2017 12:21:38 PM
Finbarr wrote:
I understand, and I'm more than happy to forward that feedback along regarding the wording. Despite the wording you refer to, our order approval process has not changed, all orders are reviewed for any potential copyright violation by our Content Management Team.Thanks.

That's fine for big names - and recognizable content, but there is absolutely NO WAY you can recognize and reject all of our artworks if someone were to grab them and upload them to your site for purchase. Your content management team does what they can, but it simply isn't possible for them to KNOW EVERYTHING that is out there and recognize whether or not the party uploading the content has permission. So yes, you really need to change the wording very quickly, otherwise you have basically given permission for users to upload whatever they want without any thought of consequences.
Topic: Copyright warning needed
GollyGirls Posted: Monday, April 10, 2017 12:19:36 PM
Fharrynland wrote:
Maz wrote:
You're wrong, because Zazzle would still be selling it. To you.

Okay, I thought it would be more of a selling to the general public type thing that cause the major issues.

I'm glad to hear that though, I've always wondered that but never got a clear answer.

It is never ok for money to be exchanged for images without the content owner's permission and them being paid. When Zazzle prints up products- they get PAID. That is profiting off of the work. So even if the person uploads with the intent of only buying it for themselves, ZAZZLE would be breaking the law by printing and SELLING the item to them.
Topic: Other Design Sites
GollyGirls Posted: Thursday, October 20, 2016 11:29:11 PM
Thunes wrote:
Does anyone have any experience with Designed by Humans? I have received four emails from them where they ask me open a shop. Looking at the site I really don't understand why they want me Shocked My design is so far away from anything there. Maybe a place for gamers and youtubers? They say they found me on Instagram, maybe they want access to my followers?

I received an invite from them a while back. I decided to test the waters. Within 1 week of uploading a handful of designs, I had made a few sales - however, my work was stolen from there and wound up on a bunch of crook's websites. Upon finding the illegal copies, I closed my account with DBH. Dealing with too much theft as it is, the last thing I need is another site for the thieves to grab my images.
Topic: Question for @Zazzle: Pokemon GO?
GollyGirls Posted: Sunday, July 17, 2016 8:41:12 AM
Yes, listen to Gina on this one!

never - EVER - EVER use the excuse, "But I see other people selling it".... Two wrongs (even 2,000 wrongs) DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Just like Gina said, there are plenty of people who:

1. Do not know and understand the rules. THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT.
2. Do not CARE about the rules. THEY TOO WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT.

It WILL be caught before you can make any money off of it - either by it being reported directly by the copyright / trademark holder OR it'll be caught when someone tries to purchase it and the team at Zazzle then LOOK at the design. It is most certainly NOT something you will get away with. And, on top of that, because of the blatant infringement, your account will have a ding on it and risk being shut down.

There is also the possibility that other people have gotten permission to use "X, Y, and Z". But if YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION, YOU WILL get in trouble.

Please, if you wish to create and sell products through this platform (or any other platform) - READ UP ON COPYRIGHT and TRADEMARK RULES and FOLLOW THEM! It will save you (and Zazzle) a lot of headaches.

Topic: customer appreciation question
GollyGirls Posted: Friday, July 8, 2016 2:12:08 PM
I wish we could provide a "thank you" that would be automatically emailed or printed out and sent to the customer with their order.

Nothing overly long and drawn out, but something that would help us build our brand recognition and make it easier for them to come back and look at other items if they are a fan of our work. Most likely they won't remember the "brand" as it stands.

I'd like to say something SIMPLE like, "Thanks for purchasing a design made by Golly Girls through Zazzle. Please come back and visit next time you are shopping for girl's sports designs!"

Nothing that would distract away from Zazzle, but would instead encourage them to come back to Zazzle and remember who the designer was.