Topic: Some searching weirdness
Fharrynland Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 5:22:04 PM
Flo wrote:
MP searches for
Pizza invitations = 1,064 results (normal)
Pizza party invitations = 712 results (also normal)
Pizza birthday invitations = 1,185,931 results

On that last search, pages 1 and 2 are normal, but on page 3 starts the "your image here" and bridal showers, baby showers, confirmations, etc.

Oh, and if you hone in your search categories it corrects itself and then get worse. In your example, if you choose in the dropdown Invitations & Stationery -> Invitations & Announcements it goes down to 867, which is probably right.

But if you choose Birthday Invitations from that list, it's the 1 million again.

It's like it's right every other step.
Topic: Some searching weirdness
Fharrynland Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 5:03:31 PM
Yeah, it's REALLY bad in our backends, too. If you do a search you get the right number. But if you do a search and choose a department (or even choose the department first) you get the same number.

For instance: Pizza comes up with 400. Choose "Invitation & Cards" and it's still 400.
Topic: Rewards for introducing newcomers?
Fharrynland Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 4:59:27 PM
I'm not sure that would ever be viable b/c it's too easy to game.
Topic: Kid sized all over print leggings or tights
Fharrynland Posted: Sunday, March 10, 2019 6:21:31 PM
Invincible Penguin wrote:
I can think up tons of designs that might sell for children that would likely be a bit too wild for most adults...

Product requests/ideas should be put in the thread stickied at the top.
Topic: Shortened file names in design view are a problem
Fharrynland Posted: Friday, March 8, 2019 7:08:53 PM
IIRC, we had the hover thing and people complained about it b/c others could "steal" it somehow...

The solution IMO would be to go back to the hover, but only allow us to see the file names while showing something else like "image" to the public.