Topic: Shopify and Zazzle Integration that Works!!!
EnzieShahmiri Posted: Monday, March 25, 2019 6:28:56 PM
Here is an update for you. The Outline App on Shopify acts like an embedded link (not iframe) to the item on Zazzle. Basically, you are listing a product from your own Zazzle store with its pictures and information on your Shopify store. Your associate id link is added via Outlink on your Shopify store to redirect the client to your Zazzle store, whenever they are ready to actually check out. The set up on Shopify looks clean and works well.

Someone asked me if the redirect might be confusing to customers. That made me wonder about that too, so I have tried to keep my website colors and design similar. I also use the same profile photo.

What concerns me more is what happens when a customer buys two or more items. In that case they will have one item on my Shopify store and then will have to check out on Zazzle for the other item. This could result in a loss of sales of other products.

I also have been using the same set up for my products on and have noticed that when Pixels changed something on their site, it has affected my links. Some links work fine and others don't. Having to go through many links to see which ones work and which ones don't is a hassle.

The other issue is that it costs to use the Outlink app. One app here, one app there and before you know it your app costs keep adding up on Shopify. A thing to consider if you re on a tight budget.

Even though there are drawbacks, I still love how Outlink works and I have seen a rise in orders.

I am now at a stage where I like to know if my sales are resulting from me listing the item on my Shopify store or if the client came from another source. I also like to offer a rewards program on my Shopify store for loyal customers, so I need to collect their information, such as what they ordered and how much they spend. When customers get redirected you lose out on that information.

If you are ready to take your store to the next level and prefer to keeps tabs on who buys what on your store, for now, the only way to do this is to list your Zazzle products the old fashion way.

I still use the Outlink app to quickly list new items with a seamless look on my Shopify store, while I figure out the shipping costs and set up templates for the new Zazzle products.

By duplicating each product template, listing mistakes can be avoided and all you have to do is add the new photos before publishing the item to your store. Ones I have the shipping weight I take the product off Outlink and sell it directly on my Shopify store and then manually fill the order. This saves time overall and although it is not perfect the combination has been useful.

I hope this update helps.

Topic: Shopify and Zazzle Integration that Works!!!
EnzieShahmiri Posted: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 7:57:50 AM
If you are looking for ways to offer products in your store from various supplier including Zazzle then this post might be of interest to you.

I sell custom portraits and paintings, offer prints via Fine Art America and a variety of products via Zazzle on my Shopify store at

My objective for my Shopify store was the following:

1. Offer products from various suppliers through my Shopify store that can be included in the Shop section and in Collections
2. Do this in a way that looks uniform across the site
3. Be able to drive traffic to each product via email campaigns, social media, advertising while retaining website traffic to my own Shopify store
4. Offer a seamless check out process for all products for my customer

How I did it:

1. Took screenshots of my products on Zazzle (add every angle offered)
2. Added all the variants ( you have to only do this one time per product since you can duplicate the listings and change out the images)
3. Once you created a duplicate of your Zazzle product on your Shopify store install a free App called Outlink
It's available through the APP section in your Shopify store
4. Go back to your product and click on "More Actions" under the product title and select "Outlink"
5. In Zazzle click the "Share" button to get the referral link with your associate id - copy that
6. Go back to Shopify and add this link to Outlink then Activate the Buy Now button
7. A little checkmark and a small image of the product appears, which means that the link has been established
8. When a customer hits the Buy Now button on your Shopify Store, they are directly taken to the corresponding product on Zazzle. If they end up purchasing your item or something else on Zazzle you get the credit for the sale.


1. A seamless check out process across your Shopify Store
2. You don't have to deal with shipping rates and packaging items to ship
3. Ability to include Zazzle products as Shopify products and in Collections
4. Advertise product via email campaigns, social media, etc while driving traffic to your own website thus increasing your website ranking
5. Use the Buy Now Product button on Shopify in your blog posts to generate more sales
6. Sell Zazzle product and get a referral commission if the client makes even more purchases while on Zazzle
7. Upsell - I sell Cards - but the customer might end up adding stamps while they are on Zazzle
8. Generate Zazzle Promos on Shopify through the Sales Banners
9. Refunds or Replacements are handled by Zazzle (less headache for you)
the list goes on an on

I just redid my website ( and I am adding more and more products. I invite you to come and take a look to see how great this integration works. I hope this rather long post will help you too. I looked for a way to do this for years and am just too excited that it finally works to not share.

If you have a way to import products from Zazzle (like Pixels App for please share - I wish Zazzle would do drop shipping ...

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EnzieShahmiri Posted: Thursday, March 5, 2015 2:59:19 PM
Thank you so much, it worked now. Smile
Topic: New tool - coming soon... generate product pages for your web site using your page template
EnzieShahmiri Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 9:30:22 PM
Mark,first off I wanted to say thanks for putting this all together. It's a much needed code and I have been trying to set it up to pull content from my store. I first followed your youtube example and that worked well, however I can't figure out how to pull just my own products.

For example I need to pull just pillows found here

for department i added enzieshahmiri/PILLOWS?q=PILLOWS
for category i did the same enzieshahmiri/PILLOWS?q=PILLOWS

but it's pulling some other zazzle pillows and not mine. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong. Please email me at Thanks!
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EnzieShahmiri Posted: Sunday, September 8, 2013 8:52:48 PM
Very useful - thanks!