Topic: HP EliteBook Laptop Skins Offical Show Me Thread
DesignKernel Posted: Thursday, April 4, 2019 9:44:42 AM

Topic: Where do you share?
DesignKernel Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 8:12:37 AM
Felosarix wrote:
DesignKernel wrote:
Does it share to our personal FB profile timeline? Or can we share to a FB business page?)

Mine seems to default to my personal timeline, so I have to make sure to choose my business page instead.

Ah, right. Thanks. I did have a quick go earlier but an empty box popped up when I clicked the Share on Facebook button. Don't think it shared anywhere. I might just do it manually and add to my FB biz page, just to make sure.

Topic: How Do You All Keep Track of What You've Already Pinned?
DesignKernel Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 8:06:21 AM
In the past, I did this using a spreadsheet method. A bit cumbersome, but maybe I should re-trace my steps and update mine, so I don't run into the unintentional spamming problem.

I had 4 spreadsheet tabs:

1. Board Register for listing possible boards to join, how many followers, how many contributors, Status, Comments & Board Rules.

In "Status" I write date applied to join, or date accepted. And color code orange for applied, green for accepted, and red for "take a hike" or no-replies. Lol.

2. Profiles to Research. Funnily enough, this is profiles to research. Sometimes you find somebody running a group board, and when you check out their profile, they are a member of 20 other group boards that you never found via Pingroupie. So you can check those out too and see if they are valid for your niche.

3. Accepted Boards. I list these underneath each other, once a group accepts me. Columns are Group Name, Group Rules (a reminder!) and then dates I post, especially useful for seasonal stuff where you want to be posting everyday without duplicates.

4. Pins Register. This is what stops me spamming. I number every single pin consecutively. Columns are Number, Pin URL, Product or Collection, Description (including design desc. and product type, so I know which one it is that I pinned). It would probably be very useful to add the actual Zazzle product URL too - so I can unambiguously know which one it was.

As I pin to the relevant group boards, I go back to Tab 3 - Accepted Boards, and fill in that day's spreadsheet cell in green. If I miss a day, I just color it gray and shuffle everything to the next day.

Pretty messy way of doing it, but I got used to it as some of the group boards I joined were basically, "pin the same pin twice - get the boot!"

But, yeah, just an alternative to the OneNote stuff - I don't think I get that, being on Windows 7. Anyhoo, good luck getting your pins organized. It's a Sisyphean task, that's for sure (no wonder I find all sorts of other things to do when I know I've scheduled Pinterest time!! You know, like writing really long posts on the Zazzle forum. Ahem.)
Topic: Where do you share?
DesignKernel Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 7:23:16 AM
I've only used Pinterest so far, plus a tiny bit on Twitter and almost nothing so far on Facebook (in fact, I just appeared here on the Zazzle forum to find out how to share collections and products on FB. Does it share to our personal FB profile timeline? Or can we share to a FB business page?)

Anyway, a quick google search unearthed a few ideas, but you'll need a couple of matchsticks to keep your eyelids forced open; and a metric tonne of coffee, and maybe a hammockful of chocolate ... there's rather a lot of these social media networks to set up accounts on:

That's about 160 sites. Probably best to get your own blog set up, and send traffic from those social sites to your blog. Then blog to Zazzle with your referral-id - the old "funnel" approach. Best to do your own due diligence on each of the social networks, as some/many might not be appropriate to your niche.

I'm setting up my blog offline at the moment, but the idea is to funnel traffic on my site to a single Resources page, which will have my various Zazzle stores (and other affiliate stuff as necessary). It avoids the need to plaster affiliate links on every page of the blog - and so avoids Google over-optimization penalties. (Plus better user experience for readers.)
Topic: Collections for Promotion
DesignKernel Posted: Monday, April 1, 2019 2:13:15 AM