ZeBooC - a "live" eBook creation service for your Zazzle Collection
Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 11:15:00 AM
It's finally out, as promised! I hope you don't think the name ZeBooC is too corny for the service!

You can now get your very own ebooks of your Zazzle collections, kind of like a catalog. The thing that makes them "live" is that the product titles in the ebook all link to their respective product pages on Zazzle.

They're a great new affiliating tool to add your marketing arsenal.

How's that?
With the ebook on your mobile / tablet / Kindle or equivalent, whenever the opportunity comes up, you've got product designs you can show there and then - even without an internet connection.

but there's more, lots more...
Ok, so someone you show is interested and wants to buy. How does that work?
Simple, on the last page of the ebook are two ways they can use. There's a short bit.ly link they can type into their mobile's browser or they can point their mobile's camera at the QRCode.
Note that all recent iPhones and many Android devices will recognise the QRCode automatically from their camera app and offer to open it in the device's browser. Many people will be ok with that.

If you like, try your mobile phone on this, taken from the back of AnotherFort's 'The Hepcat Diner' ebook:

Ok, so they've got to the online version of your ebook. From there they can tap the title of the product they want and its product page on Zazzle will opne up. Once there, they can personalise and buy as normal.

Every aspect of this “eBook from Collection” has been designed to give you new opportunities, remove obstacles and smooth the way to convert interest into sales.

Find out all about it and order yours here:

You'll also find out there about the additional benefits of uploading your eBook to the Amazon Kindle program

There are some manual steps I need to perform and that's why it's a service rather than a tool. For that reason I need to charge for it - but you have options to keep the cost down. The three levels are
1) I get any referrals arising, you keep any royalties as normal (cheapest)
2) 50/50 referral split, royalties still yours (toe-in-the-water)
3) Your referral id is used in all links (best value)
All the links in both the ebook and its live, online version include a referral id (and tracking code) according to the level you buy.

Finally, any subscriber to Nifty gets level 3 for the level 2 price. If they stop their subscription, it'll fall back to level 2.
Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 5:32:17 PM
Shocked I'm astounded.
Since Dec 14th I've sold 4 of theZeBooC eBooks on Amazon! About $1.40 in royalties.
I didn't expect that to happen so quickly!

And now all those lovely live links are "out there", hopefully spreading and going a little viral. I ticked the "allow lending" box when I was publishing on Amazon, so that will help some, too.

I'm taking that surprise as an early Christmas present!
Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 12:29:38 PM
Sounds great Mark, will look into it soon. You are such an asset to the zazzle community. Keep up the great work.
Posted: Thursday, January 03, 2019 10:01:26 AM
Thats_Graphic wrote:
Sounds great Mark, will look into it soon. You are such an asset to the zazzle community. Keep up the great work.

Thanks, Thats_Graphic Roses

On a side note, I've renamed the service to ZeBookFreeC because of a clash with the name of an Asian ebook reader.

It stands for Zazzle eBook Free Collectibles from the visitor's perspective and Zazzle eBook Free Collections from ours

Just so you know ;)
Posted: Friday, January 18, 2019 3:41:10 PM
I've now got a 'proper' homepage for Zebookfreec. It's here: https://niftytoolz.com/npcp/ebooks/zebookfreec
The home page has 3 new featured picks each day taken from the entire collection.
There's a few of you now with ebooks in Zebookfreec, why not pop along from time to time and see if you made the featured picks?

Posted: Saturday, January 19, 2019 7:43:30 AM
I've just added a blog post to describe where we are with Zebookfreec. Catch it here: https://razamazazzle.blogspot.com/2019/01/zebookfreec-groundwork-completed.html
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