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Posted: Monday, July 08, 2019 7:31:16 AM
Hi friends! I created these 2 designs in Gypsy Rose Chic, over the weekend, and did both Spanish...to stretch myself out of my comfort zone and do something new. I don't speak spanish and I have never created an invitation before. So I was wayyy outside my comfort zone doing that! Lol! It turned out better than I expected. So I made several matching products.

But now. I'm not sure if my titling is anything near the actual design. I want them to show up in the marketplace, so I am wondering if anyone could critique them for me. The design and the title, description and tags. Please be brutally honest, it's he only way I'll learn. Thank you!

Posted: Monday, July 08, 2019 10:45:19 AM
The only critique I really have is with your tags.

We've heard that individual words inside of phrases are also searchable so that helps cut the need to repeat the same word over and over, in your case with the 50th.

It is good that you spelled it out as well as the numeric version but the 2 tags that both say "50th birthday party" you could get by with just the one that says "50th birthday party celebration" drop the other one and replace it with something like "major milestone life events".

Then you get a wider variety of keywords to help your pretty invite come up in searches.

You could also drop any other tags that repeat the same words and add more with different keywords.

like since the title is in Spanish having "fabulous" and "fabulosa" might be helpful. also "sangria wine red" or "typography design" or "Spanish language birthday fiesta"

hope that helps a little.

Posted: Monday, July 08, 2019 12:17:31 PM

I get very annoyed with English titles and description when the content is in different language. So I would definitely use Spanish in my title and description. You can add English in addition to Spanish. Though zazzles auto translations may get in the way with any foreign language and translate it regardless. Any bi-lingual content on zazzle can cause trouble.

I switch from the de-login and German to the com-login and English because the auto-translation messed with my English on the DE site in a very unfortunate way ("born to fish" turned into "fount ton fish").

You will have to test zazzle on zazzle.es and zazzle.com to see how the auto translation deals with the Spanish in title, description and tags.

You may have to login on zazzle.es because of it.
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