New promotional site - ISSUU Publications, perfect with Nifty Live-Print Catalog
Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2018 10:28:58 AM
Here's a great use for the Nifty live catalog printer: an ISSUU publication.

All the links in it (product titles, not images unfortunately) are clickable (they include ref id and tracking code) and the QRCode is included.
You can embed your publication with the fantastic little viewer on your website or share to social media.

Here's a publication I made:

Thanks to Clare from the Nifty Toolz Fb group for making me aware of ISSUU. I was delighted with her response to the Catalog Printer:

Mark Highton Ridley thank you so much. I just used "Save as PDF" after pressing Print,in Windows 10, and there it was...a clickable, uploadable catalogue. You don't want to know how long I searched for something like this...You've absolutely made my week, never mind my day. :-) (and do quote me anywhere you'd like if it helps).

To make that publication on ISSUU I used the new multifeed-enabled Nifty, though you can just use the normal one if you like:
✅ I used three feeds each with a search term of valentines day.
✅ I set the page size to 80 and used departments for Gift Wrapping, Stationery and Invites, and Party Supplies. I ended up with 240 products.
✅ I used the "Print Friendly & PDF" add-on for Firefox (available for all browsers) to prepare the file for upload to ISSUU (I was trialling it) but you can use Clare's method if you like.

Here's the live-print catalog that results

Nifty is here
Nifty Multifeed (beta) is here

I'd love to hear how ISSUU works out for you.
Enjoy Smile

When you sign up for a free ISSUU trial it asks for your payment details. I closed the web page at that point (a matter of principle). I'd given up but in the joining email I got from them, I went back to my profile and found I was able to go ahead and make publications.
Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2018 11:09:52 AM
A couple of great things about ISSUU publications

✅ There's a button to create an animated gif
Perfect for Pinterest and others. Here's a Pin using one
...and here's a Fb post using one
✅ Same for creating an mp4 video if you can use one

Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2018 1:25:34 PM
I've been playing some more and have created a better ISSUU publication with a draft new version of the Nifty Live-print Catalog.

I printed using Chrome and the images and titles end up being links - just as we'd want.

Here's my second attempt:
Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2018 2:58:31 PM
Ack! Only the links on the first 59 products are active once it gets to ISSUU. Maybe it's a paid-for feature to get them all?
Oh well....
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