I'm Donating 100% of the Royalties of these Products to the NSW RFS
Posted: Friday, December 20, 2019 12:53:11 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm sure all of you have heard of the incredible fires that are happening now in Australia. The size of these fires is just simply terrifying. And, no matter how hard everyone is working, they are getting bigger by the day. People have died, more than 600 homes have been lost, animal populations have been decimated and the huge amounts of bush is now ash.

I live on the Central Coast of NSW, about 100km away from the huge Gospers Mountain fire (Which as of now is 4495 km square). I have been listening to the NSW RFS radio and after seeing and hearing how hard the firies (Australian for Fire Fighter) are working to keep us safe (two volunteers were killed last night fighting the Green Wattle Creek fire south west of Sydney), simply saying 'thank you' is just not enough.

So, this leads me to what I am doing. I have a set of products in my store in a category called "Bushfire Special Edition Aussie Slang Map" and I will be donating 100% of the royalties of all the products in this category to the NSW Rural Fire Service. The majority of the people in the RFS are volunteers.

I would REALLY appreciate any help in sharing these and getting the word out.

If you want to know more about the RFS, or look at the fire map please have a look at their website rfs.nsw.gov.au.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Posted: Friday, December 20, 2019 1:00:18 PM
Thanks Funcards! That's brilliant!!
Posted: Thursday, January 02, 2020 3:39:06 PM
Hello again everyone,

Things have become drastically worse down here in Australia. Entire towns are expected to be wiped out between today and tomorrow. I'm sure you have all seen something about the fires on the news - people are dying, missing and right now the navy is loading people onto ships to evacuate them from Mallacoota in Victoria as all the roads are cut off.

I'm not sure if you are aware but our national day is Australia Day on January 26. It would be really wonderful if you could help me get the word out and we could make this Australia Day around the world one full of Bushfire Aussie Slang maps - buy one of these products and not only do you get a little slice of Australia (and yes, some of these words and expressions I use daily) but you are also helping the RFS - without them volunteering their time and extraordinary effort we would be cactus.

Thanks for your help Smile

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