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Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 9:05:21 PM
Lyss wrote:
Just started with a FB page!! Please give me some feedback and help me get likes!! Thanks, I am fairly new to promoting and I need all the help I can get!!


Have a great day!

I went to your FB page and "Liked" it. Even shared your totally cute tee with the cats across it. I went to your store (cause you can't Pin an item from FB)and noticed what I think is a typo in the title:

"Purrect : No evolution Required T-shirt" Should that be "PurrFect...." like the shirt? Just wondering.

Great idea for a niche too, btw.
Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 9:11:53 PM
http://www.zazzle.com/diamond_willow wrote:
Here is my Facebook page for Zazzle. I don't quite know what to do there, so I add my sales etc.

I liked your FB page. What was the category you picked? I was stumped.

I went to your store! Very nice. Soothing, "easy on the eyes" color scheme. I really liked how the banner merged so well with the background of the store. Great job.
Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 9:16:13 PM
Branwen wrote:
this post has inspired me! I already had a facebook page of my own which badly needed an update, so I did that today!


Feel free to like, I am happy to respond in kind!

BUT what this thread really inspired me to do was start a page as suggested in the original post - using a search term. So that's what I did, only set it up a couple hours ago, so just starting to add content. But this is what it looks like so far:


Will be adding more products to it over the next few days and hope to update on a regular basis!

Wow! I liked both your pages. The "Welsh Dragon Gifts" is a great idea but I would never know where to get the dragons to make the content! Good job.
Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 9:20:31 PM
Dudeshiby2005 wrote:

Awesome post! I am fairly new to Zazzle and constantly trying to find new ways to drive traffic to my website without pestering my friends on Facebook or any other place for that matter. Thank you for sharing!

My store:


I liked your FB page (I was #2!) and visited your store! Only looked at the items under "weapons". I loved it!

Too cool.
Posted: Thursday, March 21, 2013 1:03:16 PM
Oooo love this post! I will definitely go through and like your pages. Here is mine by the way! Smile

Posted: Sunday, March 24, 2013 5:09:22 AM
Thank you so much for this wonderful information. I will put it to good use. I.AM.Me Innovations
Posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 2:04:46 PM
Gonna look into this. For a long time I have only had one fb store page, linking to my store which has many different themes:

Posted: Saturday, April 6, 2013 11:05:20 AM
Hi all.

I took my old general FB page and modified it to focus on my NYC range of products mainly. Im still not 100% sure how to do link this site to other sites, but I hope it helps to increase traffic


Thanks to any visitors and I promise to Like any Likers
Posted: Saturday, April 6, 2013 1:03:46 PM
I did the same for my Maps!!
Thanks for the help in this
Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:20:29 PM
Posted: Friday, May 17, 2013 11:54:46 PM
Hello from Mozambique!

I am new over here on Zazzle. My facebook page is up and running, please come and have a look:


Posted: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 3:51:42 PM
very informative...

finding it a steep learning curve having to be a designer and promoter but all will pay off in the end i'm sure......... :/

Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 4:30:27 AM
Posted: Thursday, June 13, 2013 3:22:36 AM

I made a Fb group For Art lovers And am inviting all of you to join and have fun.

You can share your products with us, and best of them will be published.

So far i have 1 Fb page, but thinking of getting more
And i also have a blog...
Original digital designs on products
Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2013 2:28:39 PM
Here is my Zazzle store facebook page below. I am just starting at Zazzle, and there is not much designs yet. Please visit my page.


Posted: Thursday, August 8, 2013 1:31:11 PM
Trying to figure out Facebook...makes my brain hurt xd
Pinterest is so much easier.
Here's my attempt, still getting the hang of it:
The Enchanted Thingamajig

Am in the process of Liking everybodyGrin
Posted: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 12:30:00 AM
Hi, have a look and like if you will, a mix page of my writing and zazzle links, I will respond to all who do,

Posted: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 8:52:41 AM
If you haven't checked out our Facebook Tips & Tricks yet, check it out here: http://blog.zazzle.com/2013/08/12/social-media-tips-and-tricks-series-part-one-facebook/

Cheers! Elizabeth P.
Posted: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 12:10:11 AM
Here is my Facebook page. I have had it for a while now and post a few times a week.

Irony Design's Fun Shop

Posted: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 6:15:25 AM
Hey all!

Because my Zazzle store is inspired by my snarky health and wellnesws blog/website instead of the reverse, I am reaching to get feedback on the layout and user-friendliness of the store. On Facebook, I post about relevant blog topics and try not to over-market.
Be in touch!

Posted: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 8:19:10 AM
geo_barr wrote:
Trying to figure out Facebook...makes my brain hurt xd
Pinterest is so much easier.
Here's my attempt, still getting the hang of it:
The Enchanted Thingamajig

Am in the process of Liking everybodyGrin

Yes I agree Pinterest much easier, I can't find a "page" link on fb, then again I am hopeless at FB, I am sure I will figure it out one day lol.

You have some great designs.
Posted: Monday, September 16, 2013 4:35:23 AM
I'm just starting but... here is my fb page!

Like it if you can! I'm gonna like yours! Smile
Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2013 9:54:22 AM
I haven't found my niche yet ...I'm kindof a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.. so I decided to make a page for tips and resources for graphics instead. I just started the page yesterday so I don't have any likes yet. Crying
Maybe some of you kind people can help get me started? Love Love I'll be visiting everyone to return the favor.
Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2013 3:03:39 PM
I'm liking using pinterest so far, it seems to work the best for getting ppl to the store. I'll have to look into this tips also

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2013 8:55:12 AM

added your sites, and it would be nice if u could add mine. I kinda suck at promoting my little shop.

Thank you in advance.


FB: AstroBarber

Zazzle: AstroBarber
Posted: Sunday, November 10, 2013 1:53:36 AM

I've had an existing FB page for my shop for a while, and it kind of languishes, so I'm interested in the tips & tricks presented here. But my shop is an eclectic mix of themes and styles on a large number of Zazzle products, so I'm confused by the original post which suggests the following:

"Make sure to choose a search phrase (keyword) for your page relating to your product niche."


"Feel free to create as many pages as you’d like for different search terms..."

I must be missing something. A FB page devoted to a single style of a single product (e.g. "monogram damask wedding invitations")? I can definitely see how that is do-able, but it seems impractical for a shop like mine that features designs on all kinds of products. I don't occupy a "niche," I guess.

However, in any case, I don't see where in the FB Page setup I'm supposed to enter a search phrase.... Do you just mean the Short Description field?
Posted: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 9:12:54 AM
Posted: Thursday, December 5, 2013 6:23:55 AM
"Like" and i "like" back Grin every a little bit helps....
Posted: Monday, December 16, 2013 10:48:53 AM
Hello. My name is Dexter Lockett and I am the Founder of Faithwork Apparel. We are a Christian and Inspirational based business, focused on spreading a positive image and message to the people. We offer a wide variety of logo parody designs, and custom designs. We would love to hear feedback from you or someone you know. Check out my Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/faithworkapparel

God bless you all!
Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 9:39:58 PM
forgot to add my link above..lol, senile-old-lady-syndrome. Here it is
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