zRank and Profile Images
Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 10:46:19 AM
Hi Designers -

Thank you for your patience as we took the time necessary to ensure that we provide you with updated information about zRank. Zazzle is built upon our community of exceptional independent designers, and so it is important to us that you are informed on how we can work in partnership to help you be successful on our platform. With this, we want to make sure we let you know we heard your concerns around our zRank update.

Zazzle is an ecosystem powered by people including you, our amazing designers. As previously noted, we’ve seen a strong customer response through enabling personal connections, and believe customers will be more likely to click on your designs if they can better understand and know you - the designer behind the magic! While we highly encourage an authentic profile photo to help enable this connectivity, we want to leave this decision up to you, as we understand there are many authentic ways in which to showcase your true selves. This is Zazzle after all, and we truly embrace your creativity and self-expression! Whether a caricature, drawing or other appropriate representation of yourself, we want to leave you empowered with how you show YOU off.

What is Needed for Store Completion:

Consistent with previous expectations, an image will be required in order to fully complete your profile and to ensure a 100% profile completion rating, but this image is not required to be a profile photo of yourself.

So, you may be wondering - why upload a profile photo?

We want to tell your stories. We want to feature you in our marketing campaigns. We want to spotlight you on our site! We know the hard work, grit and dedication it takes to run your business. We want to connect you more effectively with consumers who are excited to support independent artists. As we have seen a strong connection between human connection and positive customer interactions, by adding a profile photo, you become automatically eligible for additional marketing and merchandising opportunities across our many platforms.

zRank is an ever changing, organic, and consistently shifting diagnostic tool, which does not determine the health of your store, but rather showcases to you the health of your store based on multiple outside factors. We want to remind you that focusing on creating beautiful relevant designs with great metadata, optimizing existing designs, sharing and promoting your designs, and engaging with Zazzle customers is the key to being successful in the Zazzle marketplace.

Thank you for your continued feedback as we work together to make our marketplace the best it can be.

- Team Designer
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