Zazzle PR Announcement for Zazzle LIVE - 2020-09-30
Posted: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 8:00:40 AM
Hello Designers,

I wanted to share with you the public relations announcement just released announcing Zazzle LIVE.

LIVE has been in beta testing for most of this year, but now with the addition of audio and video it is ready for prime time. Check out the article and the video/commercial about Zazzle in the link. It might be fun to share with your friends or family when they ask "What is Zazzle?"

We are taking applications for designers who are interested in learning more about being a LIVE designer. You can click on the Apply Now button towards the bottom of the Zazzle/LIVE page. We will be sending additional information to those who do apply in the upcoming weeks.

James C
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