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Posted: Monday, October 8, 2018 3:14:33 PM
Hi Designers,

We have an exciting announcement for Zazzle users that we want to make you aware of – we’re adding 1MM+ icons to the design tool! These single color, vector images (.svg) can be enlarged to any size without the loss of quality. They appear as black, but the color can be changed, just like with any shape in the design tool.

Zazzle is partnering with a 3rd party company so that people can add these design elements, called Icons, to products for their personal use for free. These icons may not, however, be used on products and posted for sale because they contain content owned by an outside entity. We are actively working on expanding the availability of these icons and more to be used for sale/commercial purpose, so do know that there is more to come here!

These new icons should make customers very happy. We anticipate them using these icons to add more complex customizations to the designs they find in the marketplace.

Happy designing!

Z Team
Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2018 5:41:18 PM
Zazzle Icons FAQ

Why did Zazzle add icons to the Design Tool?

Iconography is an extension of functionality that exists today. You can already add symbols using the variety of fonts that we offer (check out the “Symbols” category... there are lots!). And of course, customers have been uploading their own content to designs for a long time, including clip art, this just makes it easier!

Offering free icons or “clipart” is a very common industry standard feature among similar sites, and offering it will increase the likelihood of them buying designs on Zazzle versus going elsewhere. We’ve consistently found that adding more robust features like fonts and shapes create happy customers which equates to more sales and more earnings for Designers. We believe the same will be true with icons! So we very much look forward to you becoming more successful by embracing this feature!

How is the 3rd party icon service getting paid?

Zazzle has licensed this service on an unlimited basis and incurs all costs associated with it in order to make it free for all users. Similar to fonts, this is a free service that Zazzle is providing to help make customization easier!

If a Zazzle Icon is added to my design, will my royalty be impacted?

No. You get 100% of your royalty. No less. Any type of customization that a customer does to your design will not impact your royalty percentage. Think of Zazzle Icons as any other design object that we offer such as fonts, shapes, and user-uploaded images that a user can add to an existing design.

Why can a customer add these icons, which is someone else's artwork, to my published product?

Customers have always been able to add any type of image they want to an existing design, this includes icons, clip art, images and text! If your publishing settings are set to allow for customization, by definition, customers can upload their own images or use Zazzle Icons, shapes or text. We’ve build robust systems over the last decade and have a large Content Management Team that ensures everything designed and ordered meets the acceptability standards in our Terms of Service. Many of the biggest brands in the world, including the Walt Disney Company (, place their trust in us, so we hope you can too Smile

If Icons are .SVG files, can I upload .SVG files too?

Good news! Yes, you can add .SVG files to your design! You can do this by dragging and dropping the file into the uploader or directly onto the design canvas. Please keep in mind, if the customer changes the color of the .SVG file, they will be changing the fill color of the entire object. This will work well if your .SVG file is a simple single color icon. For example, if you upload a .SVG file of a rainbow and the user changes the fill to green, that would replace all the colors in your rainbow to green, resulting in a completely green arch. However, this feature would work really well if, for instance, you have a simple heart design and you’d like the ability for the customer to change the heart to any color they want.

Can I opt out of having icons added to my designs?

We encourage designers to allow for customization on their products because that results in much greater sales. You always have the option to not allow customers to customize your designs upon posting your designs for sale. Keep in mind, if you had customization allowed on your product, your customers already had the ability to add icons, clipart or any type of image they choose to your design!

Why can’t designers use these Icons?

Right now these icons can only be put on products for personal use and can’t be sold in the Zazzle marketplace. It is important for us to release new features like these to a smaller and more contained audience/environment then monitor it and modify if needed. We are actively working on expanding the availability of these icons to be used to post for sale and for commercial purposes.

Why is it that I’ve found some of the icon imagery to be questionable in its content and do not adhere to Zazzle’s content guidelines?

We have licensed 1 million+ images and we’ve been taking the questionable icons down via keyword, but some have, unfortunately, gotten by us. It is a manual process. We’d appreciate any help you can give in reporting these images to us here on the forum. Remember though, even if some objectionable images sneak through on the site, they will never be printed as every order still has to pass through our Content Management Team!
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