Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 8:57:51 AM
Welcome to the Zazzle Forum!!! Here’s your chance to be heard and connect with others in the Zazzle Community. With our forums, you can ask and answer questions from a variety of topics and at the same time learn more about Zazzle with other members in your community!

Before you participate, please be sure to check our DOs and DON’Ts of the Zazzle Forum. Also, please be sure to check out our Help Portal for answers to any of your questions, and if you have any questions in regards to your order, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Please remember, this forum was put into place to facilitate your asking and answering questions of each other, to ask questions of Zazzle and to build community. This is a space where we help each other and build one another up. If we, the moderators, think a conversation is not doing either of those things and appears unable to come to a resolution, we're going to either lock or delete that particular post or the entire thread. We hope you understand our stance on this. We look forward to this forum being a place where good dialogues are had and that help foster your best work yet.


Share! Give tips and ideas on designing/creating products and showcasing your gallery.

Be Courteous. Please treat one another with respect. Zazzle is a diverse community with diverse opinions, and its up to us to be polite and treat others with respect

Stay On Topic. These forums are for discussions about Zazzle. Be sure to keep your posts in the correct categories. Chances are, you’ll receive better answers to your questions! If you’re not sure where your posting should go, please use the Misc. category.

Have Fun! Crazy ideas, funny products, laughter – they’re all welcome here!


• Ask customer service questions. Zazzle has an awesome customer service team ready to help with any problems with your orders or technical issues: https://help.zazzle.com/hc/en-us

• Be mean, rude, condescending or NSFW. No CAPS because you're upset and no one word answers. Zazzle is a friendly place – and we need your help to keep it that way. Any inappropriate or rude posts may be removed and further posts may be blocked.

• Spam. No spam allowed at all including advertisements for products or services outside the realms Zazzle or links to external websites unrelated to the topic

• Give out any personal information. Keep any personal email, phone number, full names, and addresses private. This is a public forum.

Please note that we lock threads when we think a conversation has stopped being productive. If things have gone from informative and friendly to confusing and combative, we’re going to lock it up. If you have other important, relevant things to say on the issue, feel free to open another thread and start the conversation anew. We aim to maintain a professional and friendly tone throughout the Forum so that we’re having productive and informative discussions.

Our forum moderators reserve the right to remove any forum posts or members that we determine to be inappropriate and/or in violation of our User Agreement. Posts that violate our User Agreement will be removed at any time without notice.

Access to the Zazzle Forum is not a guaranteed right. It is a privilege open to those sellers who abide by our community standards only.
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