We’re Selling Zazzle Products on 3rd Party Websites!
Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 2:48:08 PM
Hi Designers,

We have some really good news for you! Zazzle is going to start selling some of your products on 3rd party sites starting at the end of August. This means more exposure and potentially more sales for all the great work you do. We’re starting small and, in the beginning, choosing only designs that don’t require customization and then a bit later, we’ll include products that have simple personalization options within their templates. We’ll be adding products we think will be successful on these outside sites based on ongoing analysis.

If you’d like to opt out of selling on 3rd party sites, you can do so by going to your store’s Advanced Settings page, scrolling down to the Marketing and Promotions section and checking the ‘Do not allow my products to be sold on other websites’ box.

We won’t be able to notify designers in advance to know if we’re featuring a product of theirs on one of these other sites as the products selected will be changing over time as we optimize the offering.

We hope this opportunity brings many of you more visibility and sales in the future.

Happy designing!

The Z Team
Posted: Friday, August 18, 2017 9:31:36 AM
Hello Designers,

We’re happy to see you’re all excited for this great opportunity of additional exposure and sales! We hope the following Q&A helps answer the great questions you’ve submitted regarding the selling of products on 3rd party sites. We’ll continue adding to this Q&A as more questions are asked.

Please note: Some of our Q&A answers are more ambiguous since we don’t know how well it will work, and others are ambiguous because of the evolving nature of the program. We will be learning more as we go and can provide more concrete answers as we better understand what works and what doesn’t with this program.

We gave the Designers the option to opt-out because we feel it is important to enable you to also move cautiously and make a decision that is right for your business. Please use it to opt-out if you have concerns or don’t want to sell outside of Zazzle’s marketplace. If the program is successful we will be proving more insight on how it’s going and you can evaluate if you would like to opt back in.

Q: How do “3rd party websites” compare in how they work to Associates websites?

A: With the Associates program, it enables those who participate to earn a referral for displaying product links on a third party website and then referring traffic to Zazzle.com to complete the sale. With this new program, products are showcased on a 3rd party website and the sales transactions occur on THAT website, not on Zazzle.com.

Q: Which 3rd party sites are these products selling on?

A: For now, it will be only Amazon.com. We plan to explore other marketplaces in the future.

Q: How are royalties calculated on a 3rd party site? What are the proposed royalty rates for non-customization products that may (or may not) be chosen?

A: The royalties will be calculated like referrals are and they are subject to the same rates, rules and terms.

Q: How long will it take for designers to be notified when an item has sold?

A: Sold items will appear in designer stores like any other referral sale and will show up after we import the sales data from the external website.

Q: Will designers be able to opt in or out at any time?

A: You can opt in or opt out at any time and it will be updated by Zazzle on a weekly basis.

Q: How will designers be able to ascertain that Zazzle has posted their items for sale on a 3rd party site versus someone pirating their products?

A: Most marketplace websites have attribution to the seller of the product. You should be able to tell if the seller is Zazzle versus some other entity.

Q: How will the products be chosen to be sold on 3rd party sites? What factors into Zazzle’s decision making?

A: Zazzle will be selecting products based on many factors, including product type, past sales history, template fields, seasonality, etc. For now, we’re not requesting input from designers on which products should be selected. As this program progresses, we’ll learn more about what works and what doesn’t so we can evolve the program efficiently.

Q: Will the licensing agreement be different from Zazzle's? If so, is the opt-in equivalent the same as agreeing to a new license?

A: This program is already covered in the Designer License Agreement. We understand that some designers may already be selling on a few of these external websites we are considering. This is why we are providing an opt-out option so designers can have more control over where their products are shown in addition to Zazzle.

Q: What will qualify an item as non-customizable? Will products that have no custom text or monogram fields be able to be altered by the customer? (e.g. changing of the background color, moving the design, etc.)

A: No, customers will not be able to alter designs, as they don’t have the proprietary customization technology to make changes to designs like Zazzle does.

Q: Are these 3rd party websites protected against image theft?

This is up to the 3rd party websites on whether they watermark or secure images on their website.

Q: If a designer participates and then later opts out, will Amazon still retain rights to use their images or is that privilege terminated when they opt out? Are designers subject to the 3rd party sites’ general terms and conditions or will Zazzle be negotiating the terms?

A: Products will be subject to the terms and conditions of any seller on their site.

Q: Can designers have the option to opt in or out to either individual products or certain product types?

A: Currently, the opt-out is at the store level only and there is no product or product type level setting.

Q: Will these 3rd party sites have access to designers’ large images without a watermark, even if they have a watermark turned on or will they only be accessing the image at a lower resolution?

A: Zazzle will supply the sizes the external sites request for optimal viewing in their marketplaces. Zazzle will also honor the watermark settings as set by the Designer and will not supply large images without a watermark. For now, products on Zazzle with watermarks are not in the selection criteria for this program and will not be listed on external sites.

Q: Will designers be notified which of their products have been selected to sell on third party sites?

A: Currently, there is no notification on which products are being selected.

Q: Will designers be able to differentiate a third party sale from a normal affiliate referral sale? If not, can something be added to the sales report to flag them?

A: Right now, these sales will look like a normal affiliate referral sales. For the future, Zazzle believes it will be beneficial for designers to know which sales are made on outside sites and we’re looking into the best way to go about reporting that.

Q: Will designers be told in advance when Zazzle makes a deal with another 3rd party site and will they then be able to opt in and out of these sites individually?

A: Zazzle cannot commit to future relationships with other external sites or how they will be announced. We put the opt-out switch in place because we understood that some designers have their products listed on other sites and we wanted to give them control over those listings. For now, the opt-out is at store level.

Q: When will this all begin?

A: Zazzle will begin listing products for sale on external sites within the next few weeks

Q: Is the agreement with Amazon just for the amazon.com website, or does it include their many international sites?

A: Zazzle will only be selling on amazon.com

Q: Does the Amazon program fall under the sub-licensing clause of the designer’s agreement we have already with Zazzle, or do we have to agree to the Amazon license?

A: Designers do not need to agree separately to the Amazon license. We have provided the opt-out if a designer does not want Zazzle to list their products on Amazon.

Q: Has Zazzle negotiated an agreement with Amazon that will prevent other sellers from using Zazzle's product images bearing our designs?

A: We won’t be able to prevent other sellers from selling against Zazzle’s product listings, but this now puts Zazzle in a better position to help take down any of infringing products that are replicas of the products we selected for this program. Although we cannot promise that everything will get taken down (this is the Internet after all), it at least gives us more power and control over our own products. Please keep in mind though that we will only be able to do this for products that we select from this program. Anything outside of that, you will need to continue to report those designs to Amazon yourself as you are the sole owner of those designs.

Q: Is there going to be a Zazzle store for us to look at on Amazon?

A: Zazzle will not have an Amazon storefront, but you will be able to browse Zazzle’s listings as with other sellers on Amazon.

Q: Is Zazzle able to advise which product types will be going first for the initial Amazon experiment?

A: We are looking to post mug, mousepad, sandstone coaster, necktie, and reusable bag designs, but this selection is likely to evolve over time

Q: Are makers also able to opt out? If so, will there be a way for designers to know which makers or products are opted in or opted out?

A: Until we learn more and see what types of products and designs perform well in these external sites, we cannot provide any info on which makers or products are opted in or out. Once we have this information then we will share that with the designer community so you can begin to craft your designs to cater more toward those marketplaces.

Q: Will Zazzle use our own tags and descriptions on the products they decide to market on Amazon?

A: Yes

If you have any further questions that were not answered, please make sure you post them here and we’ll continue to update this thread.

Thank you!

The Z Team
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