Posted: Monday, February 24, 2020 11:23:31 AM
Dear Designers,

We’re excited to announce #ZAZZLESHOWANDTELL, a new social program that is encouraging more post-purchase customer sharing. Remember ‘Show and Tell’ from 3rd grade? We’re hoping to bring that excitement back! As a platform that works towards inspiring creativity, we want to showcase and celebrate all the fantastic creations that happen right on our site. We want to add more color and stories to the designs you add to blank products. # ZAZZLESHOWANDTELL encourages customers to ‘show’ us what they created on Zazzle, and “tell’ us why they created it on Zazzle.

Once we get lots of submissions, we hope to get more UGC (user-generated content) live on the site so customers and potential customers alike can see the full potential of Zazzle. We’re hoping to utilize these photos in other marketing channels as well, including emails, blogs, etc.

A lot of you have been wondering what the distinction is between # ZAZZLESHOWANDTELL and #ZAZZLEMADE:

#ZAZZLESHOWANDTELL is focused on post-purchase user-generated content. Please do not share photos from the site with this hashtag. Every week, we will pick a winner to receive $250 Zazzle credit. If you are a designer, yes, you can absolutely participate IF you share original post-purchase content (images, video, TikTok videos, Boomerangs, whatever -- as long as it’s original.) Please do not take images directly from the site and repurpose them. They will not qualify for the contest and will clutter the feed.

#ZAZZLEMADE will still be used. We are refocusing it for our designer community. If you want to showcase your design, please continue to use this hashtag. We want our designers to continue to be proud of their creations and their stores, and this is the perfect hashtag.

We’re excited to continue to grow Zazzle!

Please respond below with any questions!

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