New Products 11/30/18 - Glass Tumbler & Shot Glasses
Posted: Friday, November 30, 2018 4:23:51 PM
Hi Designers,

We’re excited to launch two very exciting products:

Glass Tumbler

Shot Glasses

Both products are made by Taylor Corp, the same maker who produces our napkins, favor bags, and wedding fans!

A little background

Why did two seemingly straightforward products end up taking us so long to launch? One word: Warping. Both products are conically shaped, meaning they start larger on one end, and taper down to a smaller end, similar to a cone. (This is just like our party hats!)

Why do conical shaped objects matter in terms of printing?
The print files for conical products will look a bit different than you might expect.

Mugs are a cylindrical product, so when you flatten out the print file, you get a rectangle.

Pint glasses, on the other hand, are a little smaller at the bottom than at the top, and, as a result of this, the print file actually looks like this:

Essentially, designing things in a conical space is more challenging than designing in a rectangular space.

Expert designers are familiar with warping, but it's a difficult concept for casual designers and everyday consumers to understand and design for.

A Solution
Zazzle has created technology that allows us to map the familiar rectangular design space into a conical space. So that:


Text, gradients, and geometric grid designs will be oriented onto the object in a pleasing, straightforward way. But as a consequence of this, circles, faces and logos and other elements will be stretched more at the top than at the bottom. So, we'll still want to give more experienced users the ability to design in the non-distorted space.

Cool story, but how does it impact me?

Products with conical design factors will offer a combination of warp-corrected and non-distorted areas (2 seperate layers). We will have 100% of the printable surface covered with each of these. Additionally, warp-corrected front and back areas will be offered to facilitate simple customization.

Auto Warping (Warp-Corrected)
• We suggest placing images and text in this layer
• The Auto Warping Front and Back areas are easy to work with and are very straightforward. These are intentionally narrower (so that the distortion effect would be minimized.) The warp corrected All-Over area is an easy way to take a rectangular photo or design and have it cover the entire print area.

Manual Warping (Non-Distored areas)
• We suggest placing background and logos in this layer
• The purpose of the Manual Warping area is to ensure that designers (who are comfortable with conical design) and users (who might be frustrated with the distortions that the warp correct) will have the option to design in a non-distorted space.

Where it makes sense to do so, some of these areas will be consolidated in a logical way so as to offer both warp-corrected and non-distorted areas.

We want to make it easy for designers and customers alike to design on our products. We want to be sure to offer a simplified way for the casual designer/consumer, who is familiar with designing in a rectangular space, work with conical products, while offering the more experienced designers, the more robust experience.

Designer Tips & Tricks Product Thread: Share tips for designing Glass Tumbler & Shot Glasses here.

Show Me Thread: Show off your newly created designs for Glass Tumbler & Shot Glasses here.

We hope you enjoy designing for these new products.

The Z-Team
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