New Product - Hand Sanitizer Packet - 20200827
Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2020 3:37:52 PM
Hi there Designers!

We are excited to announce hand sanitizer packets for you to design on.

Approval Process Required
As you all know, Zazzle is a platform designed to foster positive creativity first and foremost. We recognize that at a time when the world is on high alert in regards to COVID-19, we don’t want to heighten those fears by allowing designs that spread disinformation or make light of the situation.

Zazzle has provided these new hand sanitizer packets to support our communities and we will be robust in our efforts to make sure the content published reflects that support. Hand sanitizer packets that are submitted to Post For Sale will go through a review process before being available on the website.

Additional Guidelines on Content for Approval
In general any claim to levels of safety or protection included in your title, tags, or description will cause the submission to be rejected. Leave those claims for us to handle as rules and regulations change and we will make sure they are up to date and appropriate for each domain your products are listed on.

While the hand sanitizer packets are not face masks, this posting should help you better understand the types of keywords to avoid. Designs that support the medical professionals are OK to make, but avoid the word "medical" and other words discussed in that article. We can't provide a full list of words as it evolves, but please use common sense.

Designer Royalty
These products will be limited to a maximum 10% designer Royalty. Zazzle brought this product to market in order to support our communities in a time of need. We appreciate your willingness to support this effort by providing your designs at a Royalty rate that will allow the maximum number of people to afford them.

Keyword Best Practices
Don’t forget that titles, tags, and descriptions are of utmost importance. As I like to say “Words may bring the eyeballs, but design sells the product.” So, if you don’t have the right keywords in your titles and tags, your design might never find the customers to enchant! If you feel rusty, head on over to our help section article Title, Description & Tagging Best Practices for a refresher.

Assembled versus Self Assembled
Zazzle is offering an Assembled or Self Assembled version of the hand sanitizer packets. Consider the audience for your design when choosing which option you use to merchandise your product. Some customers are a bit more price conscious and would prefer to put a little DIY elbow grease to save some money. Others prefer the convenience of having the stickers already applied. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and pick what you think is best.

Designer Tips & Tricks Product Thread: Share tips for designing: here.

Show Me Thread: Show off your newly created designs: here.

Good luck and have fun with this exciting new product!

The Z Team

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